Rally to stop oil testing plan

A community rally will take place at Kingscote Jetty at 1pm on Sunday, December 22.

The Environment Minister Greg Hunt has been invited to hear the wishes of the people in regard to the Bight Petroleum intention to conduct oil exploration off the coast of Kangaroo Island.  The final decision is to be made by our federal government on Christmas eve, so it’s important we send the strongest possible message of our concerns.  

A recent report from the University of Adelaide, which used geomechanical modelling analysis for oil exploration in the Great Australian Bight, explains that a significant issue exists for petroleum explorers in the region.  

It states that oil slicks and asphaltite strandings on beaches in the region over an extended period are representative of  “poor fault seal integrity” and are potentially a key exploration risk.  

One of the few wells drilled in the region, the Jerboa-1 well has what is referred to as a “confirmed paleo-oil column” in an area “predicted, under the present-day stress regime to be of high seal fault integrity”. 

Peter Clements, deputy mayor, commented, “as a councillor and an extremely concerned resident, I am disturbed by this report and disappointed by both sides of the government in the Senate in dismissing reports such as this.”

“They clearly they have no comprehension of the risks we are facing,” Mr Clements said.

The report goes on to say that the future drilling off Kangaroo Island would be conducted in very deep water, up to 5000m (5km) nearly three times deeper than the well struck which caused the Deep-water Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago.  

“This is not about being anti-mining, as our economy would be useless without these resources, but our island is positioned where the prevailing currents would devastate our coastline including our fishing and tourism industries.  It would be a long time recovering,”   Mr Clements said.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt

Environment Minister Greg Hunt