Citizens’ Panel presents its findings

The Kangaroo Island Citizens’ Jury who volunteered to work together for improved service delivery to and on the Island, has delivered its recommendations to the state government’s Change@ South Australia Steering Committee.

As part of the Change@SA 90-day project initiative, members of the jury were responding to the question: how can government and community work together now and into the future to make life on Kangaroo Island the best it can be? 

Their recommendations were:

1. In partnership, we develop a new Kangaroo Island act which enshrines a democratic governance model that ensures island autonomy, representation and participation in decision making processes

2. A series of governance models are developed for further community deliberation, these should enable integrated service delivery and address:

• social equity and resilience 

• economic development, and

• environmental sustainability

3. That the democratic governance model is developed through a process which is owned and created by islanders and ratified by an island-wide ballot. 

Jury members Graeme Ricketts and Stephanie Horsfall, and co-ordinating committee convenor Peter Clements presented the recommendations to the steering committee whose chair Raymond Spencer, is also chair of the Kangaroo Island Futures Authority. Members of the Change@SA board include senior government executives and members of the Economic Development Board.

Peter Clements said there was a lot of goodwill around the table. 

“They were thrilled at the passion shown by the jury members representing the Kangaroo Island community,” he said. 

This same trio later went to Parliament House and met with the Hon David Ridgway, Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council and Shadow Minister for Tourism, Food and Wine, Primary Industries, Forestry and Fisheries.

Mr Clements said that Mr Ridgway was “absolutely delighted that the community was rising to the occasion”. 

The recommendation had already been presented as a deputation to Kangaroo Island Council by two other panel members, Scott Macdonald and Allan Henderson. 

Mr Henderson said that councillors were incredibly positive and complimentary. 

“They passed a motion that our efforts be supported and congratulated by the Council, and we were given a warm round of applause as we stood down. 

Mr Clements said, “The milestone that we’ve reached is not the end, it is one of many milestones. 

“The broad agreement, and part of the recommendations, is that the next step be consultation.”

The consultation will seek broader endorsement of the recommendations from the Kangaroo Island community. 

Graeme Ricketts, David Ridgway, Peter Clements and Stephanie Horsfall.

Graeme Ricketts, David Ridgway, Peter Clements and Stephanie Horsfall.


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