KI Sport Netball - Dudley holds out determined Hounds

15 and Under

Dudley United 37 d 

Dudley’s Georgia Weatherspoon leads in the rain in 15&U.

Dudley’s Georgia Weatherspoon leads in the rain in 15&U.

Kingscote 30

Dudley started strongly with Tash Boxer shooting well and Raia intercepting at WD. Casey Green using her height to grab the ball. 13 to 6 at quarter time.

Play a little scrappy and the court slippery with rain. 21 to 10 at half time.

Steph rebounding at GK for Dudley and Caitlin stepping in at WA fed the goalies with her endless enthusiasm. Kingscote players all moved the ball confidently down the court with Ashleigh also picking up some goals. Georgia Weatherspoon reading play well to intercept and Tash Willson able to pull some good longer distance goals. 32 to 14 at 3 quarter time.

Kingscote making a strong comeback in the final quarter.

Western Districts 68 d Wisanger 35

Both teams lined up on court in cool and cloudy conditions.

Western Districts got off to a fast start with Jess and Emma never missing. Wisanger coming back late in the quarter to get on the score card. 

Second quarter and court play was better by both teams with some great turnovers by both defences resulting in more shots for respective goalies. Wonks comfortably in front at main break. Third term saw Wisanger make position changes and it worked nicely, Westies only outscoring Wisanger by 3 goals, but still well ahead. Georgia Swayne took a tumble in a great contest with Emma Watters and went off injured. Emma showed great sportsmanship by apologising to Georgia. The game finished with Wonkies winning well, but the last quarter was played with determination and nice ball skills from both sides, resulting in good netball all over the court.

13 and Under

Kingscote 26 d Dudley 20

A slow start to the first quarter. Ball going up and down the court. Kingscote leading by one goal at the end of the 1st quarter. Second quarter Dudley strong passes, bit of rain slowed them down. Kingscote intercepting well. Rain set in, winter’s day.

Kingscote up by three goals at three quarter time.  Exciting finish to last quarter, swapping lead frequently, rain making it slippery.  Kingscote winning in the end.

Western Districts 42 d 

Wisanger 9

Raining the whole first quarter, Bonnie Morris playing well. Eliza Anderson taking some nice intercepts. Second quarter Stacey Swan into centre, Kiri to WA. Beautiful shooting from Wonks goalies. Tanner Morris on into WD for Wonks in third quarter. Half time score Wisanger two to Western Districts 20. Lovely pass from Kaitlyn Florance start of third quarter. More even play in this quarter. Stopped raining, so some lovely passes. Emily Hanna into C from goals in last quarter and doing very well. Great passing and intercepting by Zara Lovering and Kate Burns. Well done girls, the game was played in great spirit.

11 and Under

Kingscote (2) 19 d 

Wisanger (1) 12

The Rec Centre was the perfect place for this Wednesday night game as rain threatened. The girls made the most of the big arena, playing a fast game.

The game was low-scoring as defences dominated the first half, Bethany Leybourne making good moves in goals for Kingscote and Georgie Sullivan getting her share of play in the centre third. Nataskia Bennett was busy in the centre for Wisanger and Rachael Gellard used her height well in goals. Bridget Black took some surprise interceptions in centre and led well for Kingscote.

Kingscote steamed ahead in the third quarter for an unassailable lead. Bethany showed her versatility playing well in centre and Wisanger’s Eliza Havelberg did a great job in defence in the last quarter.


Dudley United v Kingscote

Asia Gilfillan and birthday girl Aleasha Paardekooper working really well in goals. Great chasing, attacking and defending by Molly Keir. The Geisler girls Hayley and Felicity making it difficult for Kingscote to score a goal. Kingscote young players Megan and Olivia intercepting well in the ring, while Audrey backed up well all down the court for Kingscote. 

Very tight defending by Amy Hinves anad Zahlia Condo-Scott in the second half. Maddie Johnston using her height very effectively. Laura Kent dodging quickly in mid court positions. Good passing by Scarlet. Nina totally pumped after her first goal in the last quarter. A great game by all girls.

Wisanger v 

Western Districts 

All girls keen to do their best, even as the rain came down. This game was evenly fought -  both teams defending tightly all the way. Olivia Downing and Abby Morris of WD each played an excellent game.  Rosemary Boardman and Claire Wilks in defence for Wisanger also did great work. Wisanger goalies kept trying in really tough wet conditions, getting their rebounds and trying again. 

It is really pleasing to see how much everyone has improved since the start of the season. All girls had fun and worked so hard for their team, well done!