Flora and Fauna Club - Little Sahara outing June 2015

Eleanor River (Photo by Kym Scholz)

Eleanor River (Photo by Kym Scholz)

Little Sahara was the destination for the members of the KI Flora and Fauna Club for their June outing.

While in the area we visited three quite different locations after having gained permission to do so.

Seventeen people assembled, and after completing the required forms, made their way into the dune system.

We were not there to use sand boards to ride down the dunes; instead we were there to enjoy the magnificent views.

We all peered through windows of the nearly completed building before 14 of us followed the track to gain access to the dunes.

It was not long before all had managed to climb up to the huge dune, and once there, we stood almost transfixed by the amazing scenery.

There was a light breeze blowing, but, because the sand was wet there were no shifting sands, so we were able to see some footprints of humans, mammals and a bird.

On our way out, most of us carefully walked down from the high dune to the lower ground, but one person chose to use a folded plastic bag to come down on her bottom (to bum-board), not an easy task on wet sand.

It was hard work but it was very obvious that she enjoyed the experience immensely.

With lunch time looming, it was soon decided to amble down the old vehicle track behind the gate.

Little Sahara - and what views! (Photo by Kym Scholz)

Little Sahara - and what views! (Photo by Kym Scholz)

The bushland flowers were great to see and the orchid enthusiasts pointed out the various orchid species in leaf, bud and flower.

While in the area it was possible to show several of the walkers the few extremely old Manna Gums that are slowly being taken over by the slowly shifting inland dune. In the mid-1990s, seeds from these trees were collected, grown by Gordon Best and donated as seedlings to Flinders Chase National Park where they were grown on to become habitat for the introduced koala behind the house where the former District Ranger George Lonzar and his wife Joy lived.

After our leisurely lunch was enjoyed, it was time to drive to our last destination.

This was a little side track nearby so that the members could walk alongside the banks of the Eleanor River.

The samphire flat had died back over summer, and was just beginning to regrow green tips - so we walked on the spongy plant, watching the rapidly flowing water rush down the narrow channel.

More orchids were seen, and so was a koala.

This one was resting in a South Australian Blue Gum.

We woke it up, I think, and by the droppings on the ground below, it had obviously been in the area for a long time.

Maybe it was the same mammal that had left the droppings under the Manna Gum.

Bev Overton

Koala Spotting from left Joylene, Jaffrey, Gillian,Carole, Don, Sue, Margaret (Photo by Dean Overton)

Koala Spotting from left Joylene, Jaffrey, Gillian,Carole, Don, Sue, Margaret (Photo by Dean Overton)