Letters to the Editor 20/08/2015

The Islander, Thursday 20/8/15.  Page 4.

The Islander, Thursday 20/8/15. Page 4.

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

My name is Scott McDonald. I am 72 years old, and spent my working life educating children, as did my father, Don Mc- Donald, before me.

I have made a point of studying letters, books, documents and research articles about climate change issues for the past 15 or so years.

I am worried.

I am worried because my government appears to be valuing power, politics and ego more highly than the welfare of the inheritors of our society (and the planet).

I am seriously concerned that the children of today will inherit a world vastly different to that in which we currently live, because our society failed to act on the simple message given us by the world of environmental science; the message that the world must quickly and effectively stop the production of greenhouse gases (in particular CO2) regardless of the resultant social and economic impact this may have.

Our country is a relatively small player in this field, but it has significant influence; more than this, if our country, with its admired wealth and lifestyle, shows the world that it can take a social and economic hit in order to pave the way for the future welfare of the children of the world, it is just possible that the coming global crisis may be able to be deflected to some degree.

I am most worried that our country’s senior politicians appear to have little understanding of the reality of climate change effects, with all political parties still talking about percentages rather than preventative action, about what we can afford rather than what the world must do.

Your recent announcement does nothing to allay my fears; it is still essentially the “we’re alright Jack, business as usual” “let’s not alarm the voters” sort of policy that is leading the world closer to ruin.

I understand; jobs, profits, company interests, finances, and the ballot box are big issues. But, Mr Prime Minister, were you to lose your position whilst demonstrating to the world that Australians take climate change very seriously you would certainly gain the accolades of future generations, and my respect.

Sir, please consider... the world cannot sustain our present lifestyle.

Scott McDonald Penneshaw