Kangaroo Island football 29/08/15 | PHOTOS

Last minor round

A grade - Dudley United 13.10.88 defeated Parndana 9.6.60

B grade – Dudley United 11.8.74 defeated Parndana 3.8.26

The last minor round game with Dudley United home to Parndana and there wasn’t much hanging on the result. The home team was close to full strength for the first time all season having had 40 players play A grade this year. The supporters were hoping that they could get a win over the Roosters, something that hadn’t happened all season.

The Reserves both had full teams with 16 a-side and DU boys went on for a convincing win, with the older Dudley boys, Rhett Willson, Bailey, Hastings and Wheaton showing the way. But it was the young ones doing the damage in Lannigan, Zemen, Hoare and Harley Tuohy, all outstanding for the Eagles. Parndana was best served by Putland, Bennett and Ness. Final score 11.8 to 3.8.

In the As Dudley was coming off a bad loss to Kingscote, and they were looking to find some form and confidence with a full squad on the dry deck at Penneshaw. The Parndana team had a few key players out, giving DU some hope. The first quarter saw Parndana with the upper hand, going with the breeze slotting through four goals, with Cooper bagging three and DU wasteful with turnovers. P 4.0 to DU 1.4 at quarter time. The second quarter was much the same, DU having trouble linking up and Parndana playing well to score into the stiff breeze - half time P 6.3 to DU 3.4. In the second half there was a full turnaround with the DU boys finally finding some touch and with Parndana down on the bench, DU scored into the breeze and took the lead while keeping the Roosters scoreless. P 6.5 to DU 7.5

The last quarter saw DU dominate with the wind scoring 6.5 to blow the game open but a couple of late goals to D Trethewey saw the margin reduced. Best for DU was Hicks, Langton, Helyar and Turner. Parndana’s best were Hacker, Gaskin and Horjus. A strong, confidence-boosting win to DU leading into the finals and Parndana needing to get their key players back. Good luck to all the teams competing in the finals.

A grade

Wisanger 15.10.100 defeated Kingscote  11.5.71

The Panthers were desperate for a win against the Hounds to finish off what the Blues coach called “a hard ……. year”. It was a fast running, tightly contested start to the game with opening goals for the home side from Damien Chesson and Khyal Stead (Hodgy).  Paul Green (Greeny) then took a flyer in front of goal but was unable to convert with the strong south-easterly taking the ball off course.  He made up for it moments later with one on the run from the pocket and then a couple more before quarter time.  Jack Grimes was working hard for Kingscote, cutting off the Panther’s efforts to move the ball forward.  The home side allowed too many turnovers and weren’t always kicking to advantage, allowing the visitors to score off their mistakes

Quarter time WFC 2  2  KFC  3  1.

The goals kept coming in the second quarter with Rory Lovering, Brady Riley and Greeny all adding majors.  Some great teamwork from the home side resulted in two goals each from Hodgy and Liam Sampson and one from Boyd King, despite constant Hounds’ pressure.  The Blue Boys had shepherded well and backed each other up.

Half time WFC 7  4 KFC 6  1.

The third quarter was well fought by the Panthers boys – the quarter has usually been their Achilles’ heel with the players falling into the doldrums and letting other sides get supremacy over the game.  Cody Schutz did some great work in the ruck, getting the tap to the Panthers’ hard-working on-ballers for a kick down the ground with goals shared between Damien Chesson, Dylan Lockett with two, Robbie Barter and Boyd King.  In the three quarter time huddle the Panthers’ coach urged his boys to put their bodies on the line and finish off the season with pride.  Three quarter time WFC 12  7  KFC 9  3. 

Panthers kept up their work rate, talking to each other and making the most of every opportunity to come away with a hard fought win  - full time scores WFC 15  10  KFC 11 5.          

Boundary Rider

A grade

Dudley United   1.3        3.4        7.5        13.10    (88)

Parndana          4.0        6.3        6.5        9.6        (60)

Goals Dudley United: S. Clark 3, S. Walden 3, B. Howard 3, C. Willson 1, G. Scott 1, P. Hicks 1,

C. Helyar 1

Goals Parndana: M. Cooper 4, D. Trethewey 2, B. May 1, Z. Trethewey 1, H. Tewhata 1

Best Dudley United: P. Hicks, A. Langton, L. Turner, S. Walden, C. Helyar

Best Parndana: B. Gaskin, B. May, N. Horjus, L. Hacker, D. Trethewey

Wisanger          15.10    (100)

Kingscote         11.5      (71)

Goals Wisanger: K. Stead 5, B. King 2, L. Sampson 2, D. Lockett 2, D. Chesson 2, R. Barter 1,

A. Trowbridge 1

Goals Kingscote: P. Green 5, D. Roesler 2, B. Riley 1, L. Faint 1, R. Lovering 1, B. McSherry 1

Best Wisanger: L. Sampson, K. Stead, J. Howcroft, P. Bott, C. Schutz

Best Kingscote: J. Guttilla, J. Edwards, R. Lovering, J. Grimes, S. Johnston


Dudley United   11.8      (74)

Parndana          3.8        (26)

Goals Dudley United: M. Geisler 3, M. Hastings 2, J. Lannigan 2, M. Condo 1, S. Wheaton 1, C. Clark 1,

H. Tuohy 1

Goals Parndana: T. McMulkin 1, R. Hannam 1, J. Hannam 1

Best Dudley United: J. Hoare, T. Zeman, L. Bailey, M. Hastings, H. Tuohy

Best Parndana: J. Bennett, M. Mills, A. Ness, B. Putland, J. McMulkin

Kingscote         10.10    (70)

Wisanger          6.8        (44)

Goals Kingscote: D. Thompson 2, L. Faint 2, R. Anson 1, D. Jamieson 1, T. Griffith 1, B. Mowbray 1,

T. Stocker 1, C. Dungey 1

Goals Wisanger: J. Munro 3, W. Dunlop 2, C. Smith 1

Best Kingscote: S. Linke, L. Faint, B. Mowbray, D. McSherry, D. Thompson

Best Wisanger: J. Munro, N. Ley, J. Buick, M. Whittle, B. Williams

Senior colts

Parndana          8.19      (67)

Dudley United   2.2        (14)

Goals Parndana: J. Huxtable 2, I. Marshall 2, B. Carlsen 1, B. Gaskin 1, M. Edwards 1, M. Charlton 1

Goals Dudley United: J. Zeman 1, A. Kinghorne 1

Best Parndana: J. Huxtable, M. Edwards, I. Trethewey, I. Marshall, B. Carlsen

Best Dudley United: B. Florance, K. Wheaton, J. Ordway, K. Willson, B. Ordway

Wisanger          7.12      (54)

Kingscote         8.6        (54)

Goals Wisanger: W. Berden  2, J. Turner 1, D. Freitag 1, J. Connell 1, L. Shurven 1, S. Snowball 1

Best Wisanger: M. Warrior, D. Freitag, J. Escabache, S. Snowball, J. Connell

Under 12

Dudley United   5.4        (34)

Parndana          1.3        (9)

Goals Dudley United: B. Ordway 1, T. Willson 1, T. Florance 1, K. Willson 1, R. Florance 1

Goals Parndana: B. Gaskin 1

Best Dudley United: R. Florance, A. Kinghorne, C. Willson, B. Ordway, J. Geisler

Best Parndana: C. Trethewey, A. Huxtable, I. Trethewey, B. Viney-Obst

Kingscote         5.6        (36)

Wisanger          4.10      (34)

Goals Kingscote: B. Florance 1, S. Hissey 1, C. Florance 1, J. Christophers 1

Goals Wisanger: C. Whittle 1, J. Bennett 1, J. Lockett 1, L. Shurven 1

Best Kingscote: S. Hissey, J. Christophers, B. Florance, L. Ingerson, A. Virgo

Best Wisanger: C. Baker, T. Whittle, G. Shulver


A grade

Clayton Willson (DU)     1          37

Zachary Trethewey (P)   1          33

Scott Walden (DU)        3          31

Cameron Stewart (P)      0          28

Jason Zajarskas (WD)   0          27

Paul Green (K)   5          21

Corey Graham (ED)       0          19

Scott Jenkins (P)           0          18

Joshua Valerio (WD)      0          17

Damien Trethewey (P)    2          16

Jake Lee (K)      0          16


Matthew Cooper (P)       0          50

Jarrad Kelly (P) 0          28

Christopher Clark (DU)   1          22

Greg Downing (WD)      0          22

Mathew Geisler (DU)      3          21

Rick Morris (WD)           0          20

Trad McMulkin (P)         1          19

Daryl Weatherspoon (WD)         0          18

Michael Condo (DU)      1          15

Clayton Morrison (WD)  0          14

Senior colts

Jack Forster (W)            0          32

Spencer Rourke (P)       0          24

Luke Shurven (W)          1          24

Damon Freitag (W)        1          22

Sam Kempster (K)         0          20

Frank Colman (K)          0          20

Brad Olinga (K) 0          19

Samuel Snowball (W)     1          19

Mitch Charlton (P)          1          18

Jacob Stevens (K)         0          17

Scott Hammat (WD)      0          17

William Wheaton (W)      0          17