Letters to the Editor 01/10/15

Show and Shine and the Kingscote Show.

Show and Shine and the Kingscote Show.

Dear Editor,

The SHOW n SHINE is on again at this year’s Kingscote Show on Saturday October 31.

We’d like everyone to break out the wax ‘n polish and bring in your pride and joy and let it shine, bring your bike, car or ute and enjoy the day.

Entries through the entry day on Saturday 24, 10am to 12 noon or contact me on 0418 646 001.

Nathan Bell, Convenor for the SHOW n SHINE.

 Dear Editor,

Along with, I suspect, many football fans from the island, I watched the two AFL preliminary finals on the weekend. I found it interesting that the umpires made some dreadfully incorrect decisions, highlighted by the overwhelming criticism and verbal dismay from both the coaches AND more significantly the ex-players in the commentary box. With all their training and high salaries, they still managed to alter the course of the game with their umpiring blunders. Maybe, just maybe, some of our avid KIFL supporters may rethink their continual verbal abuse of the local Panel of Umpires, and realise that perhaps, for the money and the training, they aren’t so terrible after all.

   Allan Henderson, Kingscote

Dear Editor,

Over the weekend, it has come to our attention that the state government and Bickfords – Vok Beverages intend opening a brewery/distillery on KI on Crown Land in the old police station Kingscote.

This concerns me, mainly because I have spent many years trying to get my brewery off the ground, but also because I know there are two other breweries in the formative stages and one operational distillery, all of which, I assume, have done the hard yards of setting up business without too much government support.

So the idea that a large business subsidised by government can slip into our marketplace and potentially monopolise the market is a bit of a shock to me. I guess my question is if the government is prepared to grant money to start up an operation, will they also buy out those they displace. Ask the fishermen. No one is afraid of competition, but let it be on a fair playing field ie Bickfords find your own money.

This proposal also raises some questions: is it appropriate to have the state government sponsoring/promoting an alcohol industry, is it appropriate to have a brewery/distillery so close to our local playground and given they plan a visitor and function centre along with their brewery/distillery what other large buildings will need to be erected in the area. This whole proposal stinks of a large multi-national company trying to cash in on the Kangaroo Island brand name, at taxpayers’ expense no less.

Greg Simons, Haines