Editorial 01/10/15 - Arts celebrated over long weekend

the Islander, Thrusday October 1, 2015.  Page 4.

the Islander, Thrusday October 1, 2015. Page 4.

Over the long weekend, the island will celebrate artistic endeavour in all its forms, when Art Feast events take place at specially chosen venues.  There are buses to take you about (call 8553 2542 to book), or you can pick up a program around town and follow the maps to the east, west, central and Kingscote attractions.  And if you are interested in up and coming young artists, then don’t miss some of the Youth Art events too. It’s all there for every taste and age group, and we all hope the weather stays fine and it’s a terrific arty weekend.

In this week’s Islander, we celebrate achievement – there are about two dozen young people (and not so young) who have achieved amazing things in recent weeks and months – whether it be in training, in their work, or in leisure activities – read all about them and marvel that islanders continue to impress not only locally, but nationally and internationally too. 

The island is on the cusp of many new and exciting developments and projects at present, and with residents being trained in all sorts of areas, the future looks rosey in terms of work opportunities staying on the island.

Now don’t forget - Daylight saving starts on Sunday morning October 4, so you need to move your clock forward from 2am to become 3am. It’s a good idea to do it before you go to bed on Saturday night, so that you are ready to face the new day on Sunday morning.