Kangaroo island will host the Islands of the World conference in July, with keynote speaker, the Hon Christopher J Loeak, President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 2012-16

Hon Christopher J Loeak.
Hon Christopher J Loeak.

Kangaroo Island is set to hold the 15th Islands of the World Conference in July – the first to be held on South Australian soil.

The international spotlight will shine on KI from July 2-7, with the keynote speaker to be the Hon Christopher J Loeak, who was president of the Republic of the Marshall Islands from 2012-2016.  

The group of atolls that comprise the Marshall Islands are under serious threat from rising sea levels and Mr Loeak formed a consortium of more than 40 nations to present a united front at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The topic of the KI conference is, ‘Can small islands provide useful models for global survival’ and Mr Loeak is set to engage the audience speaking on his experiences leading a small island nation (including Nauru) with an uncertain future.

Other speakers will include Dr Margi Prideaux, an author and wildlife policy specialist, with a PhD on the development of international wildlife policy and law.

Margi is a Research Associate with the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre and she serves as the Policy and Negotiations Director for Wild Migration.

Dr Claire Ellis has worked in tourism for more than 35 years in Indonesia, Vietnam, USA and Australia, focusing on destination and tourism experiences and their capacity to contribute to sustainable long-term outcomes for communities.

Angela Hazebroek is a strategic and social planner. Through her work, she has prepared a community housing xtrategy for KI and facilitated community forums on the priority initiatives for strengthening the island’s economy.

Papers have been accepted from Fiji, United Kingdom, America and Greece and also papers on the KI Farm Stewardship Program – Supporting Sustainable Food Production; How Islands Shape Farming Systems – the KI Story; Human Health and Ecosystem Benefits of Environmental Volunteering on KI and Managing an Endangered Species on an Isolated Island.

“This conference will bring an amazing opportunity to both our visitors and our local community,” Conference Convenor Jayne Bates said.

“The conference is being purposely built to ensure a week of extraordinary learnings, community connections and world class speakers. 

“The island community is honoured to host this international gathering of experts and we are working hard to create a week to remember.”

Conference Chair Peter Clements agreed.

“For one week in July 2017, Kangaroo Island will be on centre stage, seen through the eyes of many of the world’s academic elite,” he said. 

“It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase who we are as a community and to contribute to being part of the main conference outcome; A model for global survival.”

Registrations are open – with early registration extended to March 31 2017, for $375, late registrations after that date at $475, and one-day participants at $75.

Visit: kangarooisland2017.com.