Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, Wendy Campana updates the community about the Visual Arts Survey and the Map of Developments which uses GISS technology

It’s been another busy month for my office and staff, with many projects and several surveys coming to fruition.

One major undertaking has been the Arts Survey, during which more than 150 of the island’s visual artists were invited to complete a survey, coordinated by project manager Nick Hannaford.

On Thursday March 30, I hosted a workshop for these artists at the Yacht Club in Kingscote, and  around 35 artists attended from the KI arts community. The aim was for my office and Nick Hannaford to gain a stronger understanding of the needs and opportunities for the island’s visual arts community. After Nick had provided an overview of the method and the results of the survey, he presented a series of recommendations, which were then discussed by the meeting.

Workshop participants identified that the appointment of an Arts and Cultural Facilitator, and the provision of arts infrastructure (such as shared spaces), were their top two priorities. My office has now submitted an application to Country Arts SA’s Creative Communities Partnerships Program to seek funding for the appointment of a facilitator and I will report on the outcome of our application in due course, including opportunities for assistance from the Council.

We now intend to form a small committee to progress the other priorities identified by the project, to look at shared creative spaces, engagement in arts events and increasing the capacity of artists to promote and exhibit their work. Survey results:

Another helpful initiative available on our website is a Map of Developments.

My office has developed a map of KI that depicts the locations of each of the projects and key developments using Geographic Information System (GISS) technology.  This will enable everyone to find current information on key developments that are taking place or are proposed on the island. The map also provides information on what the development is; its status under planning assessments; whether it is proposed, under assessment, approved and underway, or completed.  It will also tell you where you can access further information.

This webpage will be updated regularly to ensure that the KI community and businesses are able to access timely information.

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