Kangaroo Island netball action from the weekend's matches

13&U: Iiesha Kuchel. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

13&U: Iiesha Kuchel. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

Kingscote v Western Districts

15&U: Georgie Horjus. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

15&U: Georgie Horjus. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

A GRADE: Both teams were moving well with Ashleigh Green shooting accurately with great backup by Sydney with the rebounds. Kingscote players were always backing up and keeping a good eye on the ball.

Annie Johnson (GK) had great defence sticking tight on her player and turning the ball over.

Lily Buick had good intercepts with her fast running and long arms. Western Disctricts (WD) missed a few goals but worked hard down Kingscote end gaining a few rebounds.

It was a close scoring game with both teams fighting a working hard all the way up the court. WD kept the pressure on Kingscote and fought back to make it a draw.

B GRADE: Both teams started off with strong shooting and it was very even play.

Kingscote capitalised on WD mistakes. Samara and Bridget worked really well in defence for Kingscote.

Catherine, WD, moved to centre and provided extra run through the centre court. It was a hard-fought game with Kingscote coming out with the win.

C GRADE: WD got out to a good start with some great shooting. Kingscote caught up by end of first quarter. Play was even in the second quarter with the socres level at half-time. Kingscote pulled ahead in the third quarter leading by four at the last break. Kingscote maintaining the lead and coming out winners.

D GRADE: The first half was evenly-contested. WD’s Pauline Ward and Alana Hinton defended well, with Gemma Bald and Tessa Shalay shooting well for their side. WD youth injection helped in centre court with Abby Morris, Willow Mounsell and Tash Nolan playing well. The third quarter saw Kingscote get a lead of five goals. Michelle Barrett and Tania Roads were effective together in goals for Kingscote with great feeding by Elsa Jones and Lisa Coleby. The last quarter saw Kingscote maintain their lead to win by five goals.

15 AND UNDER: Sam and Temah working well in goals for Kingscote early with tight defending by Willow and Chloe. WD came out firing in the second quarter and took the lead early but Kingscote did not give up and kept fighting. WD consolidated their lead in the final quarter to take the match.

13 AND UNDER: WD started strong scoring the first five goals before Kingscote finally managed to sink one. The second quarter started off as a real tussle as Kingscote Defended well but were unable to score when they got the opportunity making them down by 12 at three-quarter time.

The last quarter saw Kingscote girls come out on fire with some brilliant passages of play but it wasn’t quite enough. WD the Victors.

Parndana v Wisanger

A GRADE: Both teams started strong, with Wisanger very strong through their mid-court and feeding into their goalies, Renae Florence and Gen Willson. A hard-fought first half saw Parndana up by one goal at half time. The second half saw Parndana break away with Courtney Wood and Marina Gregor intercepting beautifully in the ring. Kate Watters and Georgie Horjus were shooting accurately for Parndana who were too strong, coming away with a 14-point win. 

B GRADE: Wisanger came out firing with a strong start. Kristy Turner and Brooke Baker were shooting well and Parndana were down by two. In the second quarter, Parndana settled and got their rhythm, with a few defensive turn overs. Takeda McMulkin and Stacee Duka were defending well and reading the play. Wisanger down by two, 21-19. Parndana continued their momentum into the third quarter with Paige and Fiona shooting beautifully. The last quarter was intense with Wisanger fighting back, but the Roosters were too strong, winning 38-34.

C GRADE: Parndana starting strong in the first quarter. Wisanger took many intercepts and had a lot of play down their end. The score was 11-3 at quarter time. In the second quarter, Parndana settled quickly with great play from both teams. Shae Viney-Obst shooting amazingly, along with Bridget Turner. In the second half, Parndana made some changes, as well as Wisanger and play took a while to settle. Parndana came away with the win, 43-11. The game seemed a lot closer for both players and spectators.

D GRADE: Parndana came out determined to improve on last week’s first game. In the first quarter both teams quickly steadied, but Parndana capitalised on some turnovers to be up by six. They continued to dominate for the remainder of the game. Both teams passed well down the court and played strong, fair netball. Excellent goal throwing from Parndana and great court play by Hannah Davison and Kirra Harkness for Wisanger and Chantal Leonhardt and Shakobi McMulkin for Parndana.

15 AND UNDER: Wisanger’s shooter Nicole Symens got the first goal of the match. Parndana responded with Jasmin Berlin and Georgie Horjus scoring 15 goals together to Wisanger’s five at the end of the first quarter. The next quarter saw both teams having a strong defensive side with Georgie Horjus and Nicole Wilson, Parndana and Amy Thomas and Johanna Turner for Wisanger. The quarter was a low-scoring one with Parndana scoring seven and Wisanger one. In the third quarter, Tarryn Putland (Parndana) and Liana Cockshell (Wisanger) demonstrated great play in the centre court. In the final quarter, Parndana scored, 20 goals to Wisanger's three which lead to the final score being 55-9. 

13 AND UNDER: In a great start to the game, Hannah Florance, Tahnee Davis with very good intercepts. Iiesha Kuchel shooting well in second quarter. Kali and Ella were shooting well for Wisanger and both teams leading well. Good even play in the second quarter was good too see before Wisanger took the lead in the third after Parndana took of Shakira Tremaine with an injury. Shaylee Huxtable and Scarlett Trethewey worked hard in defence for Parndana, getting numerous touches. 

11 AND UNDER: The game got off to a strong start with Layla Kuchel and Indy Berden in Centre. The scores were close with only two goals the difference at half time. Tahlia and Zoe were a strong team in goals for Wisanger while Parndana shared to goal shooting between Sarsha, Alex, Kelesha and Shaylee. Strong defence and many intercepts were seen by both sides with Gracie K, Tayah and Lani shining in defence. Lilly, Regan, and Brooke all did a great job of making space and working hard to get the ball to their attacking players. Wisanger pulled away in the last half to double Parndana’s score with an and result of ten to five. Congratulations to all girls and their coaches, Jane Roberts and Christine Edwards.     

NET SET GO: Wisanger and Parndana Jetta came together to play an exciting game where every girl had a chance to have a piece of the action. Katie, Kailey, Marley, Lily and Charlotte all did a great job to keep the ball moving. Elka, Bree, Jemima, Grace Wells and Matilda Wyatt all did a super job of moving around to get the ball and have a go at shooting a goal.

The defence was relentless for both teams with Olivia, Grace Kauppila, Grace Hardy, Maddie and Chloe all determined to intercept and turn the ball around. Mid court starts were Ava, Mia, Matilda K and Sierra who led for the ball and passed it on to their attacking team members.

A special mention goes to Sharon and Ella for being awesome coaches.