Football report from the match on Kangaroo Island at the weekend


Western Districts journeyed to the capital to take on Kingscote, who were looking for their first win of the season. Victory for the Hounds looked a big ask again, with a good chunk of the side lacking senior experience and size.

While it proved to be an entertaining and hard-fought contest, Western Districts  always had their noses in front. With the breeze from the south-east not having any influence, Western Districts  were up and about early with four points then goal to Weatherspoon.

Doornbos was keeping Green honest before Rory Lovering got the Hounds on the board.

Late goals to Western Districts from defensive errors gave then a deserved lead at quarter time.

The second quarter had a similar theme, with the Hounds working hard for their scoring opportunities and Western Districts capitalising on strong defence and tackling to turn the ball their way.

Schumann had his share of centre taps, but Western Districts were on top in clearances, putting constant pressure on the hounds defences.

Josh Graham was always a big threat up forward for Western Districts, and the elusive Whale dangerous. At half-time, Western Districts  led 7.9 to K 3.4.

The third quarter was much the same with Western Districts’ bigger bodies able to force turnovers and force the ball forward resulting in constant pressure on the Kingscote backline.

Western Districts mids were prepared to help their defence a little better as well. Kingscote, to their credit, never gave in when at times it looked as if Western Districts were going to blow them away.

At one stage the hounds got within 14 points, before the unlikely forward Lavers steadied with a goal, and Boyle scored a nice running goal. At three-quarter-time, Western Districts led 10.13 to 6.5.

Both sides looked to be tiring in the last, mistakes leading to a higher scoring term.  Western Districts still outscored a determined Kingscote, kicking 5.3 to 4.2. Again Kingscote had good passages of play, but turnovers cost them dearly.

IT was a solid display from Western Districts, although still things to work on if a threat come finals. Kingscote are needing a bit more size and experience to be really competitive over the four quarters.

Western Districts had a nice even spread of better players, while for Kingscote Green, Rory Lovering and Declan Corby played four quarters.

The full time score saw Western Districts win, 15.16 to 10.7.