Directional arrows installed late last year on Kangaroo Island roads help improve safety for visitors to the island. Seven additional sites are to have arrows installed.

Keep left. Photo: Supplied.
Keep left. Photo: Supplied.

Directional arrows have been installed on a number of KI roads to remind international tourists to keep to the left on the road, improving safety for all road users.

Arrows were installed late last year on either side of the access road to the KI Airport, and at Seal Bay and this week seven additional sites will have arrows installed:

  • Playford Highway and Stokes Bay Road.
  • Hog Bay Road and Brown Beach Road Access, near East West Road.
  • American River Road and Hog Bay Road.
  • Pennington Bay Road and Hog Bay Road.
  • South Coast Road and Jetty Road near the Vivonne Bay Store.
  • Playford Highway and Harriet Road/Ahwans Road.
  • North Coast Road and Emu Bay Road/Boxer Road.

The State Government has also produced a range of videos for international tourists on the road rules and safe driving practices in a number of languages.

The improvements are a joint initiative between the State Government and KI Council, whom provided recommendations on the most appropriate roads to install the arrows.

The initiative was prompted after discussions between local stakeholders, the KI Road Safety Committee (KIRSC) and the State Government addressing community concerns.

Emergency Services Minister Peter Malinauskas said, “The road arrow initiative is the result of discussions between the State Government and the local road safety group (KIRSC).

“This is the first location in the State for directional arrows to be installed for the benefit of international drivers, and this simple measure should go a long way to improving road safety on the island.”