KI: Reality check – where to from here?

‘Overcooking’ seems to be the norm for many things associated with KI over the last couple of years.

It is past time for a reality check on what the island is and what it does and what it can do in the future.

The human race needs three things to survive, shelter, food and water.

“Recent comments in relation to an increase in KI’s population need some analysis.”

This week as the annual Ag KI conference is held it is worth noting the enormous contribution to the island’s economy that primary industry, farming, fishing and associated industries have made over many decades.

There is the capacity over future generations to expand that and help feed a growing world, particularly our northern neighbours.

Bureaucracy and regulation never produced one iota of food and it is time that farmers, fishermen and food producers were given a fair go to do what they do best – grow and produce food.

The tourism sector is an important part of the island’s economic fabric and growing around three per cent per year.

It is an important employer in the private sector, and will continue to boost KI’s economy for decades.

Recent comments in relation to an increase in KI’s population need some analysis.

I am not sure the increase has been examined for authenticity or, if any increase, that it has not come from State Government sending people to so-called “cheap accommodation” on the island. 

It would be beneficial to the Island if government spin and never-ending good news announcements and releases translated to substance.

Likewise, the local KI council would do well to stick to “roads, rates and rubbish”, rather than be linked to political comment and attempting to be a commentator on state and federal politics.

From a multitude of dialogue I have been receiving, it is not going down well in our local community and a return to its legislated role would be seen as sensible.

Kangaroo Island has a great future, but some locals being sucked into the State Government ‘spin’, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is not doing this small community any favours.