Your house is burning...

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

...You have called 000 for a Fire Truck...How long will it take to come?

The answer depends on how many volunteer firefighters we have! If we don't have enough firefighters to crew our truck if could take a very long time for the truck to come to your fire. If we don't have enough firefighters to crew the truck, if cannot come. It is as simple as that.   

We have had several members of our crew retire after more than 40 years volunteer service to the CFS. We have several more who would like to retire soon.

We need more younger volunteer fire fighters.

We are appealing to the residents in the Wisanger area to consider volunteering as CFS Members for the Wisanger CFS. The Wisanger area includes Emu Bay, Wisanger/Menzies and Cygnet River.

You may not be available to help at all times but don't let that stop you from volunteering. Members can be away, unwell or just unable to leave their work just when a call comes.

We need to be able to respond immediately to urgent calls, therefore we need more members to share the responsibility.

When there is a large fire, we need to have replacement crews to take over every few hours - at these times we need even more members.

We are urging you to volunteer now, so that you will be ready to help for this coming fire season.  

There is no cost to join the CFS. All protective clothing, equipment and training is provided free of charge to members. Just one weekend of basic fire fighter training will enough to get your qualified enough to help this season.

If you are interested in joining the Wisanger CFS Brigade or would like more information, please contact Rosalie Bell, Brigade Admin Coordinator ph 0427 535 215 or Kayne Davis, Brigade Captain, ph 0427 557 672.

All CFS Brigades need more fire fighters - if you live in other areas on the Island, contact a CFS Member in your area or refer to ‘Public Safety’ in the Blue Section of the local phone book to find the phone number for your local CFS Brigade Captain.


Rosalie Bell, Wisanger Brigade Admin Coordinator.