Kangaroo Island's Football Grand Finals took place on Saturday September 16.

Wonks break longest drought

A GRADE: Western Districts have broken their longest drought in their club history, winning their first premiership since 2003. Coming into their first grand final since 2014, you would expect Western Districts to have a nervous start, but they came out determined and up for the fight. 

Graham and Clements set the standard early, both working hard and getting their  team off to the best possible start. Fogden up forward providing a great target, kicking two of Wonks three goals. 

Dudley taking until halfway through the quarter to settle. ‘Clayto’ kicking Dudley’s first as they slowly pegged Wonks back to be just seven points down at the first break.

W.D- 4.4, D.U- 3.3

Dudley having all the momentum, were starting to get clearances out of the centre. Under pressure, the Wonks defence turned the ball over and Willson kicked the easiest of goals. 

Dudley got the ball forward once again and a snap moved them in front for the first time. Dudley now looked to have too much run, Wonks fumbling and not having the composure of the first. 

Needing a steadier, Graham tried hard to lift his side, but was let down by poor shots at goal. The Saints moved back in front with Whale snapping over his shoulder. 

Willson and Turner played well out of defence but Graham proved hard to stop. Wonks up by four points at half time.

W.D- 5.8, D.U- 5.4

Both sides seemed to be feeling the pressure with desperate play from both sides. Weatherspoon found Whale and he converted from the boundary. 

Dudley had the quick response ready and Willson got them going again, while Wonks were wasting their opportunities. Boyle, Nolan and Platten lifted their intensity. 

Roberts kicked two in a row to give Wonks a three-goal margin. Clements showed courage in getting the ball forward again, Weatherspoon found space and goaled on the run. 

On the next play, Graham received a free and converted to give Wonks a potential match-winning lead. Dudley had to respond and did so, Mellor goaled on the run before Miller marked and goaled to keep Dudley in the game. 

Not to be outdone, Florance forced a turnover, gave it to Platten on the run and Wonks were back out to a five goal margin.

W.D- 12.11, D.U-8.5

The odds were stacked against Dudley, even more so when Whale kicked the easiest of goals. 

Not giving up, Dudley got the ball forward where Boers finished the job. Boyle was found in space and kicked truly to make the result a near certainty. 

Needing goals quickly, Dudley was rushing its kicks hoping to get a lucky result. Mellor found space to kick his second but Dudley was running out of time. 

Knowing this, Wonks made it hard for Dudley to get an easy ball. Graham kicked another and when Platten kicked another the Saints faithful could taste victory. 

Soon after, the siren went and the supporters and players were ecstatic. 

Dudley are a great side but on the weekend, they met a side who were more desperate and determined.

Western Districts won their first flag in 14 years but also claimed a rare double senior’s premierships, their first since 1995.

Saints third flag in six years

B GRADE: Parndana won the toss and elected to kick with the slight breeze favouring the scoreboard end, however Pohlner gave his midfield first use of the ball. 

Grindley gave plenty of run, and Short with the contested mark and conversion in the goal square. Pohlner dominating the ruck early.  

S.Hammat kicked a long goal and Wonks were off to a great start, putting plenty of pressure on Parndana. Parndana were able to settle and caused a turn-over to get their first through Havelberg.  

After a slow start Parndana looked to have the game on their terms, Bennett and Tewhata combined to even the scores. 

The Saints, however were playing better footy and from another clearance, Short took another contested mark before kicking his second. 

The game was an unusual shoot out for B Grade, Maunsell worrying Parndana with his pace. Gum passed to Protheroe, who kicked his first to give Wonks an early lead.

P- 2.1, W.D- 4.0

Larcombe and Correll gave Wonks plenty of run, K.Morris kicked a great goal on the left. Grindley kicked another due to some more of Wonks’ pressure.  

Parndana needed a response and Kelly provided it, with a nice goal over the left shoulder, but Wonks kicked the instant response through Protheroe’s second. 

Wonks continued to dominate out of the centre, good ball use had Protheroe kicking his third. 

The game was getting fiery, as Parndana were getting frustrated, the game having to change significantly in the second half for Parndana to get back into it.

P- 3.1, W.D- 8.3

The game became B grade standard, with both sides turning over the ball. Linke and Larcombe provided some composure and veteran Morris finished the play perfectly. Another goal quickly followed through Short and Wonks were well on top. Wonks continued to dominate, while Parndana were undisciplined. Wonks kicking away with winners all over the ground.

P- 3.2, W.D- 12.7

With the game all but done, Parndana were after some respectability. Gleeson kicked their first of the second half but the Saints continued to work harder than their opponents. Wonks worked it forward, Correll adding another two with the Saints out-pacing their opponents. Mills kicked Parndana’s fifth but by now the boys were just playing out time. Wonks, however were looking to embarrass Parndana. Gum and Short combined twice and the margin was beyond 10 goals. Larcombe added another and Wonks comprehensively defeated Parndana, Sam Correll getting the medal as BOG.

P- 5.3, W.D- 16.8

Wisanger get their hat-trick

COLTS: You could not have asked for better conditions at Panther Park, where Wisanger awaited Kingscote in the much-anticipated colts game.

Wisanger had the first attack but missed giving Kingscote their first opportunity, going coast-to-coast to kick the first goal of the game.

Snowball was everywhere early, Lockett gave a nice dummy to set up Wisanger’s first goal.  

Snowball continued getting his hands on the ball and Wisanger continued to run the ball out of defence. 

Lockett proved to be difficult to tackle and Wisanger kept getting it inside 50 but the Kingscote defenders kept bombing it out.

A quarter of missed opportunities for the Panthers.

W- 1.4, K- 1.1

Hadland continued to lead from the front for the Hounds defence, Escabache and Lockett continued to get plenty of the ball, but once again Wisanger couldn’t kick a major.

Bennett for the Hounds used his pace to break it out of defence and Kerti-Muscat bombed a long goal to move Kingscote back in front.

Wisanger responded, quickly getting two goals through Cockshell to give themselves some breathing space at half time.

W- 3.7, K- 2.3

Wisanger did all the early attacking, but again couldn’t put it on the scoreboard. In turn, Kingscote rebounded out of defence and found Florance by himself in the pocket.

Wisanger were determined not to give Wisanger a sniff and Cockshell kicked his third. Hadland tried his hardest for Kingscote. Wisanger couldn’t get the major. Both sides playing determined footy, but Wisanger finally got through with greater numbers and Lockett kicked the finisher. Wisanger was now in the box seat to come away with the flag.

W- 5.12, K- 3.4

Kingscote came out determined that if they were going to go down they would go down swinging, attacking hard but this time they were missing the opportunities to put any pressure on Wisanger.

Christophers worked hard, but unfortunately for them Wisanger went forward, where Cockshell kicked the sealer. Kingscote continued to battle on and got a goal for their efforts.

Wisanger weren’t to be outdone, and really started to enjoy themselves the last half of the quarter, knowing the flag was theirs for the third time in a row.

Congratulations to the Panther boys on a terrific season.

W- 8.14, K- 4.9

A Grade: Cameron Florance puts a tackle on Daniel Brooks. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

A Grade: Cameron Florance puts a tackle on Daniel Brooks. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

Reserves: Harvey Pohlner and Isaiah Marshall up for the knock. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

Reserves: Harvey Pohlner and Isaiah Marshall up for the knock. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

Senior Colts: Josiah Bennett. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.

Senior Colts: Josiah Bennett. Photo: Maggie’s Photography.