It’s burning effigies and gunpowder plots

Burn, baby, burn: Some Pointers actually thought the effigy represented Guy Fawkes. Photo: Supplied.
Burn, baby, burn: Some Pointers actually thought the effigy represented Guy Fawkes. Photo: Supplied.

Annoyed with politicians?

Totally disillusioned with the parliamentary process?

There is actually nothing new about these feelings.

They have quite possibly been around since the Neanderthals developed a logical thought process.

This must have been how Guy Fawkes felt when he smuggled 36 barrels of gunpowder into the cellars beneath the English parliament in 1605.

Yes, we know that religious feelings were running high between the Jacobites and James I, but Fawkes and his fellow plotters were mightily disenfranchised with their leaders.

To blow up the king and parliament seemed the only honourable course.

Although the plot failed, its spirit has been celebrated ever since – especially in the UK where Guy Fawke’s Night (November 5) is an annual fireworks institution.

Fast forward to today, and as our elected representatives procrastinate with flawed ideology while not actually knowing whether they are kosher Aussies – legitimate bodies like the Strawbridge Pointers felt aggrieved enough to burn an effigy representing all politicians – some people actually thought it represented Guy Fawkes.

Following a delightful sail across most of the Eastern Cove acreage, four boats and crews descended upon Strawbridge Point to remember Guy Fawkes.

Lesley Beck, who always appreciates a good guy, had dressed up an effigy, clad in tweed and draped with sparklers and penny bombs.

He was ceremoniously positioned on a raft and once Trevor Hammond had warmed up the throng with 10 verses of ‘Eskimo Nell’, the ‘Guy’ was set alight and adrift.

Pointers stood as one to salute and, perhaps, reflect that even with all the pointless political turmoil of today, we still dwell in a remarkable place.

Few places could better Strawbridge Point, lit by late afternoon sun, a tot in hand and a barbecue sizzling away, safely knowing that the yacht is tethered and people are completely unbothered by missing the shenanigans on the 6.30pm news.