Road Closures: Sunday November 26

Almost 23 kilometres of road will be closed on Sunday 26 November, between 6am and 5pm, to ensure safe conditions for participants during the bike leg of the Kangaroo Island Sufferfest Triathlon.  

The road closure commences at the intersection of Chapman Terrace and Murray Street Kingscote, and ends at the Hog Bay Road and Moores Road intersection.

Clearly marked road detours will be in place and some intersections will be staffed by traffic management personnel.

Access to and from properties in the immediate vicinity will not be affected however drivers exiting or entering their driveways, or roads to their properties, are requested to proceed with caution along the bike route until directed to detour.

When the roads reopen at 5pm, road users are asked to continue to take care as there may be slower cyclists still finishing the 180km, four-lap, bike route.

A copy of the map can be viewed at The Islander’s office.