A very successful working bee was held at the Kangaroo Island Archery Club last Saturday, with 14 target areas cleared.

On target: Aaron Wilksch and  Dave Hickman. Photo: Supplied.

On target: Aaron Wilksch and Dave Hickman. Photo: Supplied.

After a very successful working bee last Saturday, with sincere thanks to Aaron Wilksch, Jeremy Hassan, Iain Christie, Anne Christie and Dave Hickman, we were able to clear 14 target areas.

We chain-sawed, chopped, grubbed and removed many branches and small bushes and trees.

A particularly issue, was the Acacia Paradoxa with prickles being embedded in fingers, feet and other nether regions.

The target areas differ in distances ranging from 12 metres up to 40 metres.

Target faces will depend on the distance.

There is another planned working bee this Saturday December 2, to set up the actual target butts and signs stating distances for each target. 

We would really appreciate any help from interested participants, so please come along and bring a hat, gloves and a bottle of water – refreshments will be supplied afterwards.

Our field course will be ready for our very first non-scoring shoot this Sunday December 3 at 10am.

All are welcome to attend and have a look at what the Archery club’s committee have achieved in a very short time.

There will be range fees of $10.00 for each adult shooter, but there will be no charge for children under 16.

Beginners and novices are welcome as we have three coaches ready to help.

The field course rambles through a natural gully and there are 14 targets of different sizes and distances.

The first shoot of the month will be a non-scoring shoot using animal face targets and the second shoot of the month will consist of normal target faces.

This second shoot will always be scored.

If there is enough interest, we will have coaching for beginners and novices on a Tuesday evening/late afternoon.

Please contact one of our committee members for further details.

Our thanks go to Australian Motors – the great, great guys, for their very generous support! 

Eventually, again due to a generous sponsor, the club will have 3D animal targets and we hope to invite archers from the mainland to compete with us at our own field course. 

As the archery club is affiliated with the Kangaroo Island Gun Club, there is a membership fee of $25.00 which is paid to the gun club.

Archers are also required to join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, this covers insurance etc.

Rates are $90 (Adult), $68 (Family – for each member over 18), and $68 (pensioners).

There is no charge for juniors who join up through our Archery Club.

So, for a fun day this Sunday, pop along to 226 Wallers Road, Nepean Bay.

We will have a sign out at the entrance to the property.

Follow the road right to the end.

There will be refreshments, lollies and a sausage sizzle after the shoot.

For further details call Jeremy 0418 834 444, Aaron 0428 855 866, Iain 0418 833 515 or Anne 0476 803 530.