kangaroo Island Archers had their first shoot of the new year on January 7

Moderate weather conditions greeted archers for the first shoot of the year on Sunday. The club welcomed many new archers, along with our youngest beginner Zach Sanigar. Other new shooters were Milly Hassan, Luke and Noah Miller, Iris Noyce, Shane Sanigar and Steve Howell.

Taking aim: Iris Noyce aims for the raccoon, coached by Iain Christie. Photo: Steve Howell.

Taking aim: Iris Noyce aims for the raccoon, coached by Iain Christie. Photo: Steve Howell.

Other members, Dave Hickman, Jeremy Hassan and Donna Johnson joined the shoot as well. Even Skyler Sanigar had a try with the beginners bow.

The day’s programmed shoot was a novelty ‘animal’ field course. After tuition for the beginners and a quick practice on the beginners range, all archers proceeded to the field course.

Archers were placed into groups of four which also included a coach. Coaches for the day were Dave Hickman, Iain Christie and Anne Christie. 

All new archers shot very well, with Milly Hassan shooting the grizzly bear from 25 metres across a gully. A challenging shot, even for the more experienced archers. Shane was shooting a longbow and did an excellent job with it for his first time at archery. Next time he will try a recurve bow with sights and we had all better watch out for this upcoming archer, as he will be outshooting us all soon!

After the shoot, all enjoyed a sausage sizzle and the club held its first committee meeting with all shooters welcome to sit in. It was agreed at this meeting that we would have two levels for range fees. For the keen archer there is an annual range fee of $120, or for the casual archer, the range fee remains at $10 for each shoot. Range fee is still free for children under 16.

KI Archers are keen to speak with anyone who is able to sponsor the club in buying further targets for our target archery course. Please contact Anne on 8553 1222 if you could help. Sponsored 3D targets are being ordered now and should arrive in another couple of months. This is a very exciting addition to our field course.

KI Archers shoot every first and third Sunday of the month with a 9.30am start for beginners and a 10am start for experienced archers. Club equipment and coaching is available at every shoot.

The club can also assist with bow tuning and setup and arrow maintenance.