Kangaroo Island's Dudley United Netball Club in Penneshaw has received $200,00 to resurface three of their multi-use courts.

Dudley United players.
Dudley United players.

Dudley United Netball Club in Penneshaw has received $200,00 to resurface three of their multi-use courts.

They are one of the many sporting clubs and organisations sharing in more than $10 million from the State Government grant programs, designed to increase the number of South Australians who play sport once a week, leading to healthier, more active communities.

On Australia Day, the club was also awarded a Community Partnership Grant by Kangaroo Island Council to purchase a high pressure cleaner for their courts which player Kaila Kirby said would make life easier for their volunteers.

The Sporting Surfaces Program will provide 38 organisations with $8 million to upgrade or establish artificial playing surfaces, which will enable three times as many games to be played, compared with a traditional turf surface.

$2.7 million has already been provided to seven organisations to upgrade their change rooms.

Recreation and Sport Minister Leon Bignell said, “Grassroots sport is so important for local communities, helping both kids and adults to stay fit and healthy, while providing a training ground for future super-star athletes.

“These sporting clubs are at the heart of KI, but it can be difficult to raise money for upgrades of any kind, let alone major projects like building synthetic pitches or upgrading change rooms.

“Artificial pitches are less dependent on weather conditions and wear and tear, meaning more games can be played each week and allowing clubs to cater to growing demand.

“I’m proud to offer these 45 clubs more than $10 million in funding so they can provide the best possible sporting facilities for South Australian communities.”