What’s biting on KI at the moment | April 11

Lycan Green at Penneshaw with his 32cm flathead.

Lycan Green at Penneshaw with his 32cm flathead.

While covering the front page story about SeaLink’s new trainees, I ran into Luke Green and his 4-year-old son Lycan fishing at the Penneshaw jetty.

It is always great to see a dad taking his kids fishing and introducing them to the sport. They had caught some salmon and Lycan was proud to hold up a 32cm flathead that was going to be their dinner.

Now is the time of year that flathead will move into the shallows and they are well worth targeting off the rocks and at the end of beaches, just look for broken ground.

They are also well worth targeting with lures and soft plastics as you will cover more ground than just fishing with bait, and flathead readily chase down a lure. It also great fun to catch fish on artificial lures and you get the added satisfaction of outwitting the fish.

Still plenty of mullet off the beaches and we hear there are good whiting catches out on the various grounds around KI. Anglers off the Kingscote jetty are getting plenty of squid.