Dudley Writers release collection of Kangaroo Island stories

Dudley Writers have done it again releasing their seventh book, a collection of Kangaroo Island stories about local people and places, titled “The some of us”.  

People with passion and curiosity are given a place in this book, as are people who have passed into history, but not forgotten.

The title was chosen because it is not about all of us, or just a limited few, but somewhere in between.

In this collection of 30 stories, the Dudley Writers consider the island as a special and unique community.

They have interviewed their chosen subjects and delved into archival material to write about them with depth and empathy.

Many on the Island will know or will remember the people described within the book’s pages. 

Broadly speaking, The some of us sets out to answer some commonly asked questions: why people come here; where they come from; how they manage. 

Of the nine contributors, some have been members of the group for many years and others have recently joined.

“The some of us” will be launched by Jayne Bates at 11.45am on Saturday, April 28 at 11.45am at the Parndana Museum, immediately following the Soldier Settler reunion celebrations to be held at 11am. All are welcome.