KI Football – Wisanger versus Western Districts | Photos

A Grade

The underdogs going into the home clash at Wisanger against Western Districts the blue boys were always going to be under the pump. 

While Hodgy combined well with Anthony Anderson in the centre the Panthers struggled to keep the ball in their forward 50. 

Rhys Bullard, Travis Hilder and Rob Clements were in control across halfback creating turnovers and feeding the ball down the ground for the Saints’ forwards to score heavily setting up a commanding 6 goal lead at half time.

In the third quarter Wisanger started well with Harley Cotter lifting at half back and Shaun Laffin (3 goals) marking strongly on the wing and half forward sending them into attack on many occasions.

Truman Hoffrichter lifted his work rate and was winning the centre, Corey Burr and Rob Clements were running hard and dominating the midfield putting the Wisanger back men under enormous pressure.

The Western Districts forwards combined well and were creating many opportunities to score, their best was Josh Graham with 5, Cory Burr 4 goals and the experienced Andrew Fogden also with 4.

In a one-sided affair Wonks ran out easy winners 19-16 to 9-8. Best players Western Districts: Corey Burr, Truman Hoffrichter, Rob, Clements, Daniel Platten and Josh Graham. And Wisanger:  Harley Cotter, Damon Tyley, Paul Bott, Luke Stewart, Aaron Hilder.

AusKick – Great to see the increase in numbers this year of boys and girls having the opportunity to participate. Last week in Kingscote 40 kids turned up and so two games were set up

U12 – Both teams had limited players and it was organised chaos but the kids had fun.

SENIOR COLTS – The U15’s started off with eleven a side, as both teams were missing players who had gone to the Adelaide Oval to play in the half time colts match at the showdown between Crows and Port Adelaide. Wisanger’s bigger boys in the centre were dominating and Wisanger were leading 6 goals to WD’s 1 goal at quarter time. Henry Hammatt kicked the only goal for WD and at Half time Wisanger were leading 12 goals to the one goal and so the teams were mixed up with Thomas Snowball and Travis Millar going to WD. In the third quarter WD kicked 6 goals to Wisanger’s 3 with the final score being 22 goals 15 points to WD 11 goals 3 behinds. The game was played in good spirits with the big kids bringing the little kids into the game. Best for Wisanger Thomas Snowball, Luke Shurven, Jackson Lockett. Best for WD Henry Hammatt and Caleb Whittle.

RESERVES –Western Districts came to Panther Park the favourites being last year’s Premiers. However the Panther boys held them down to 1 goal 3 behinds to Wisanger’s 1 point in the first quarter. The second saw the Panthers fight back kicking 1 goal 4 points to Wonks 1 goal.  The last half was a tug of war with both sides kicking goal for gaol with the Panthers running out the winners by 4 points, 7 goals 6 points to 6 goals 8 points.

Match report by Ball Magnet

Western Districts vs Wisanger 12/5


In what was an exciting game, Wisanger over ran Western Districts to just pip them at the final siren.  Western Districts had first use of the slight wind but Wisanger were able hold them off, led ably by Rice out of defence.  Z. Bald and Hinton played well for Wonks and they managed to keep them in front in the first half.  It was a different story in the second half as the younger legs of Wisanger started to outrun the older ones of the Saints.  S.Florance and Turner created quite a few goal kicking chances for the Panthers and B.Florance up forward was creating quite a few headaches for the Saints defence. Cane, Howard, Laver and Davis kept the Saints in front however and it wasn’t until halfway through the last that the Panthers were able to hit the lead.  Wonks had their chances in a frenetic last few minutes but couldn’t put a winner on board as Wisanger came away with a four-point win.

A Grade:

In the A Grade at Wisanger, Western Districts got off to a very fast start, scoring a major within the first 30 seconds.  Burr and Hoffrichter looked to have the ball on a string early on and were key components in Wonks gaining an early lead.  Tyley worked hard for Wisanger, but Wonks had plenty of winners around the ground, up by almost four goals at the first break.

W.D- 5.5 W- 2.0

Westies had the greater composure in the second, using the ball better under pressure.  Burr continued his good form, getting plenty of the ball.  Bott repelled plenty of Wonks forward forays, and Boulden got the first of the quarter.  Wonks continued getting the ball forward though and managed to kick the next five goals in a row, Captain Graham with two of them.  Wisanger continued to battle and despite the tight Wonks defence Lockett snapped a good crumbing goal but they had the job ahead of them.

W.D- 10.6 W- 4.2

Wonks continued their dominance starting the third, but Wisangers defence did well, giving Wonks hard shots at goal.  Cotter and Stewart kept the pressure on, but Wonks finally broke through.  Coulson and Platten combined well, while Florance showed great composure under pressure.  Clifford and Laffin gave Wisanger some reward for effort but the game was pretty much done at the last break, despite Wonks inaccuracy at goal for the quarter.

W.D- 14.14 W- 6.5

Wonks carried on in the last, Foggy showed his experience, with his third from the goal square, letting the young ones do the work.  Wisanger turned the ball over in dangerous areas, and Wonks were able to capitalise.  Clements and Burr continued their good work around the ground, and Graham finished their work, with his fifth of the match.  Not to be outdone, Burr kicked his fourth soon after to cap off a great game.  Wisanger battled the game out and were rewarded with the last two goals of the game, through Laffin and Clifford, but were shown by Wonks that they are just not quite the quality of the top teams.  Wonks continuing their unbeaten start to the season, with a 68-point win.

W.D- 19.16 W- 9.8

By Ball Magnet