KI Football – Kingscote versus Dudley United | Photos

The opening term saw Dudley United kicking to the northern end with a nice south-easterly breeze. 

Kingscote had lots of early play but could just not find the big ones. 

Dudley were able to goal through Willson and Bostock. 

Play then turned into a real arm wrestle, with Green blunting Dudley’s efforts and Kingscote goal shooting attempts largely going to waste.

Quarter time scores were Kingscote 1-7 to Dudley 3 straight goals.

The second quarter saw a scramble, with Kingscote peppering the sticks for little result. 

A great match day and old Dudley veteran in Howard was one of the high points. 

Half-time scores were Kingscote 4-13 to Dudley 3-1.

Both sides battled in the third quarter with lots of grunt but little in the way of results. 

Dudley were unable to capitalise on the wind and Kingscote couldn’t kick straight.

3-quarter time Kingscote 5-16 to Dudley 4-6.

Goals flowed more freely in the last quarter with individual efforts from both teams being the way, with little smooth flow of the ball. 

The final score showed Kingscote well in front, but it was not something easily achieved as the green and gold boys fought the game out to the end. – One Eyed Support