Kangaroo Island Hunt Club holds opening ride

A great start to what’s shaping up to be another successful season for the Kangaroo Island Hunt Club.

We enjoyed listening to Darky Bruce’s classic stories of his time riding in the club as he opened the 2018 season with a toast to both horse and rider.

Tradition continues with Darky’s daughter and granddaughter sharing the riding and doing a great job.   

The 11 magnificent horses, five men and six women riders, were led skillfully by hunt master Annette Florance around her and husband, Damien’s, picturesque farm overlooking Vivonne Bay. 

The field negotiated fallen trees, gullies, sheep and creeks to ride this stunning course.

There was even a mob of cattle that tried to deter the master from her chosen path.

The horses all had their moments, but most settled into the day nicely.

Five of the 11 horses ridden were sired by the same stallion, Kinnordy Graziano, all showing his proven jumping pedigree.

It was a fun day had by all with many club members, new guests, kids riding horses, cars following the hunt, two Stirrup Cup breaks and a delicious lunch and dinner shared around the open fire.

Raz went easy on the fines and there was minimal offending among the car followers. Bring on some rain and that may change. 

If you haven’t come to a hunt on KI and have been interested in what all the fuss is about, make it a priority in your yearly calendar.

It’s a credit to KI maintaining a successful club while mainland clubs are facing declining numbers and fewer courses to ride. 

Come and enjoy a fun day out with us at St Ives on Sunday, May 27 with a 12.30pm ride off. – Snaffle Bit