Letters to the Islander | May 17

WALK AGAINST CANCER: The Kangaroo Island Mother's Day walk against cancer went along pathway from the Kingscote Yacht Club to Brownlow and back.
WALK AGAINST CANCER: The Kangaroo Island Mother's Day walk against cancer went along pathway from the Kingscote Yacht Club to Brownlow and back.

Fantastic pathway

Congratulations and thanks to Kangaroo Island Council on the decision to upgrade the seafront walkway. 

It's fantastic that anyone can go down to the esplanade and walk or even ride along the seafront all the way to Brownlow on a smooth track, offering great views and exercise. The track was expertly prepared by our local Kangaroo Island council workers who took pride in their job. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Thanks David “Divad” Geci and crew!

Pete Forster, Kingscote

Vanishing campaign

What happened to Kangaroo Island's plastic bag free campaign?  It was supported by government, council, several environmental bodies and local business. 

Calico bags advertising the campaign popped up everywhere and community enthusiasm was high. Instead the Island has headed down the slippery slope of “trash tourism” catering for the transient whims of turnaround tourists.  

When I inquired about the “plastic bag free” campaign at a supermarket checkout, the staffer said “I don't know anything about it”.

Well I like a happy ending, so here's how it goes. Run the campaign again.

Kangaroo Island is the duck's guts. It doesn't get any better. Anywhere.

So for Pete's sake raise the bar, set the agenda and go “plastic bag free”.

Your idea, not mine.

Trish Edwards, Balliang Victoria 

Islander not the same

I would like to take this opportunity to complain about some major changes to the Islander newspaper over recent months. As a reader for over 25 years I am very disappointed.

For most of that time I was able to collect the paper, take it to the sales counter and read it before being served, enabling me to replace it on the pile, read but unpaid for. 

The current paper with its wealth of relevant local news and general high interest stories can take hours to read resulting in an additional living cost of just under $100 a year!

On top of that, I had become so accustomed to the brevity of the paper that my busy life does not allow for those hours. I find myself having to eat out with no time left to cook and may soon need to employ a gardener.

I have been buying fish having found it impossible to adequately watch my fishing line whist becoming engrossed in the recent topical stories.

I see no obvious reason for these changes and insist that you revert to the adverts and irrelevant content we are all used to.

I understand that you are new to the Island and may not realise the profound impact you have made in such a short time.

You probably believe that what you are responsible for is nothing more than good unbiased journalism with up-to-date local content. I feel responsible therefor to point out this serious shortcoming.

I have already complained to the Council and local member. If I see no immediate response I will be forced to circulate a petition in this regard. I anticipate widespread community support.

On the up side, at least I now have enough paper to both light my fire and throw out the fish scraps. If only I had the time to fish.

Fred Peters, Western Cove

Correct date

Just a minor correction to the April Garden Club report. I made a mistake. The date of Brian Buick's bigger house should be 1900 not 1990. 

Joan Jenkins, KI Garden Club

SIRPA name 

Just to clarify your editorial, SIRPA actually stands for Sapphiretown Island Beach Residents Progress Association. I have also called KI Council to update their definition.  

Kate Welz, SIRPA president