Kangaroo Island Gun Club opens new shed

The Kangaroo Island Gun Club has opened its new shed overlooking Nepean Bay.

After many months of planning and gaining grants thanks to secretary Lesley Beck, the new shed is finally up and functional.   

The club sends a big thank-you to the construction leader Rudi Seljan, who led a team of enthusiastic, but non builders, members over the past few months.

Thanks also to Greg “Weeties”, who was always at hand and a really special thanks must go to Zealands for the concrete and Mark Booker also for his perseverance on screening it.

However, on a really cold, wet and extremely soggy Sunday, the members celebrated the opening of the new shed at the Kangaroo Island Gun Club.   

Two squads of eight braved the wet conditions to finally end up at the new, yet-to-be-named shed, before warming to the newly installed wood stove.

The wood stove was only installed with much banging and loud voices (!!*** wot do you really wont **!??##!!)  the day before.

Cooked on the stove was gastronomic delight created by chief chef Dave and his bush ranger buddy Ron, who served up pizzas extraordinaire.  

Despite the soggy conditions, the course setters, chef Dave and buddy Ron, made the course simple for movement but hard for shooter.

Squad one shot first at the bottom end of the range in the maximum of the soggy conditions, however the rain obviously accelerated eye-to-hand co-ordination as many shooters shot the fast coming clays with ease. 

Only three shot the double clay hard target, and that was a great achievement.

Squad two shooting at the top of the range, were in shelter under the trees out of the worst of the drizzly rain, sometimes even in the sun!

Three shooters downed a fast in-coming and one shooter shot the “deadly double”.  The sun got in their eyes!

Top scores for the day were Terry Booker and Ron Bott, both on 39, closely followed by Dave Reid and John Gray both on 34. Great scores! 

All shooters and scorers ended up at the “new shed” for a warm up and pizza. – Short Stock and Barrel