Wisanger gets $250 for every Crows goal this weekend

Wisanger Football Club will be paying particular close attention to the Adelaide Crows game on Saturday, June 30.

The club stands to gain some big dollars thanks to “Cash for Goals” that is part of Toyota’s Good for Footy program. 

Every goal that the Crows kick will result in $250 going to club – so 10 goals kicked will mean $2500 going to the club. 

Former president Tony Jones said Wisanger was selected after he participated in the Good for Footy raffle.

He was then very surprised to get a call saying the program needed the club’s bank details so that funds could be deposited from Cash for Goals.

“I wasn’t sure if it was a scam at first but then it turned out to be real,” Tony said.

Unfortunately as the Crows will be playing the West Coast Eagles at home, the game will only be a delayed telecast but all of the club will be playing close attention.

He took heart from the fact that West Coast struggled in its last match with some key players missing, while he is banking on the Crows trying to turn its season around.

The money from Cash for Goals will make a huge difference for the Wisanger Sports Club, which is privately owned and responsible all on its own for the upkeep of its sports ground, Panther Park.

The water bill last year alone was $5000.

“It’s all done on a voluntary basis and our club volunteers do a magnificent job,” he said.