KI Netball – Reports from Wisanger and Western Districts | Photos

A Grade – Wisanger vs Dudley United

A great contested game. Dudley started very well and got some quick turn overs to be up by 11 at quarter time. Wisanger made some big changes and came out fighting. The defence for Wisanger worked well together and got some great rebounds but Dudley continued to stay strong. The entire game was very well fought by both sides. Just a few missed shots by Wisanger resulted in a 10 point loss at the final whistle. A great game to watch. Final score Dudley United 44, Wisanger 34

B Grade – Wisanger vs Dudley United

Final score Wisanger 41, Dudley United 24

C Grade – Wisanger vs Dudley United

A cloudy day for the late game at Panther Park. Wisanger out to a fast start with a lead of  at the first break. Second quarter saw Wisanger dominate on the board with a strong lead at half time. Third quarter saw Wisanger go all out to pour on the goals. Dudley tried hard all game, never giving up but Wisanger was far too strong ending up with a comfortable win. All girls played well. Final score Wisanger 44, Dudley United 14

D Grade – Wisanger vs Kingscote

A fine day for netball at Panther Park. A fast start by both teams saw Wisanger down by 2 at half time. Kingscote took control of the third quarter and put more goals on the car. Wisanger never gave up and played well to the end. Kingscote too good on the day. Tania and Sam shot well for Kingscote as did Kaitlin and Anthea for Wisanger. Good game by all. Final score Kingscote 41, Wisanger 26

11 and under – Wisanger vs Dudley United

Finally a day made for netball. Dudley had a number of missing players and filled their team with Net Set Go kids. Wisanger’s height and strength made it difficult for Dudley to move the ball down the court. Gracie K, Tahlia F and Zoe B combined well to move the ball down the court and Liam N shot his first goal. Claire H and Deshae C both kept fighting the whole game and at times directed nice play into Dudley’s circle. Elke H, Maddie G and Tayah S worked well with hands over the ball allowing for easy intercepts across Wisanger’s devence line. Final Score – Wisanger 60, Dudley United 5

Net Set Go – Wisanger vs Dudley United

Strong attacking play by Lily and Marley (W) and excellent passing in goals by katie had Bree shoot a number of good goals in the first quarter. Lots of changes were made to Wisanger’s side to give players a chance to see the ball. Olivia shot a number of goals in the second quarter helped by good passing from Nirvana, Kelsey and Marley. Third quarter saw great passing by Dudley from Khaysha through Lily to Matilda and shooting by Georgie had Dudley add a couple of goals to their tally. Dudley’s goalies settled well into position in the last quarter with Matilda and Gerogie shooting well. Thanks to Lily and Grace for helping make up Dudley’s numbers.

Western Districts reports

A Grade – WD vs Parndana

Even play in 1st and 2nd qtr.  Both teams shooting well. Strong rebounds and shots by Sarah (WD) and Fiona (Parndana).  Jodie and Maree rebounding well in defence.  A good contest in the centres between Georgia (WD) and Ella (Parndana) both creating good space for their teams.  Great timing and intercepts by Courtney for Parndana.

Half time West End girls up by 10 WD 31 to P 21.  3rd Qtr Parndana worked their way back into the game bringing the score to be 40 WD to P 36.

Last Qtr very even and close in scores.  Parndana getting within one goal.  Western Districts won by 3.  47 to 44.

B Grade – WD vs Parndana

A strong start to Parndana seeing them lead at quarter time by 6.  Phillipa and Bridget for Parndana capitalising on turnovers from defence.  Kiri (WD) and Cherie (Parndana) having a strong tussel in the mid court.  A strong and steady second qtr by Western Districts saw the score even at half time 19 – 19.

Cherokee, Alana and Lucy (WD) gaining many intercepts.  A change in the third qtr with Crystal (Parndana) moving into C.  Jade and Kelly (WD) accurate in the third qtr with tough pressure from Renae and Paige (Parndana).  Bec (Parndana) sitting off the third qtr with a sore back.  End of 3rd qtr Western Districts in front by 3 (33-30).  Carmen feeding well into the circle.  Western Districts’ courageous Lucy Morgan took a dive in the last minute of the game.  Great game played by all.  Western Districts won by 3, 45 to 42.

C Grade – WD vs Parndana

Western Districts got off to a good start scoring the first couple of goals, to which Parndana quickly responded. Talisa McArdle putting in a gutsy effort in GA, as always.

Parndana were missing a few regular players, making it hard to stay with WD, where they got a good lead.

The play for most of the game was led by WD, with Parndana trying very hard to respond. Parndana’s Meika Dunstan had a strong game through the mid court with Steph Wurst making hard work for the short WD goalies.

Great defence and rebounding by Hannah Robins (nee Symonds) saw Parndana goal scores kept down and WD went on to win by 10.

A few laughs by all and and perfect weather conditions meant for an fun and enjoyable game. WD 34 defeated Parndana 24

D Grade – WD vs Parndana

Both teams came off a loss from last weekend so they had a lot to make up for, but it was a wet court so neither team was at an advantage.

The Saints started the game with some surprising changes in the 1st Qtr, first break Parndana lead 9 goals to 0 with Nicole Wilson and Christine Edwards combining well for Parndana.  The 2nd Qtr saw Deb Laver (GD) put into Defence with Kath Bald (GK) bringing some height.  Sabrina Davis (Centre) and young gun Molly Watters in WA played well assisting the goalies.  The height of Parndana’s GK Nicole added to the pressure on the WD’s goalies.  More even quarter with 7 goals a piece, Parndana leading 16 goals to 7.  3rd qtr saw both teams playing some tight netball with a brilliant 24 goals scored and going goal for goal with 12 each, but Parndana’s lead was out to 9.

The Saints had a lot to make up in the last qtr to have any chance of winning.  Alex Barwick returned to the Court with some great intercepts but in the end Parndana were too strong for the Saints and won the game by 11.

WD 26 was defeated by Parndana 37

15 and Under – WD vs Kingscote

A sunny start to the game saw both teams play a strong qtr with Western Districts leading by one.  2nd qtr Kingscote mid court playing a great defensive game.  Scores even at half time.  Positional changes saw Western Districts come out firing in the 3rd qtr leading by 8 at the break.  Both teams playing a strong game however Western Districts continued their run in the second half winning by 9. WD 48 to Kingscote 39.

13 and Under – WD vs Parndana

Great effort by both teams.  Western Districts took control early on and were strong throughout the first half.  Parndana doing well in the last quarter scoring well.  Western Districts defeated Parndana 41 to 23.

11 Under – WD vs Parndana

A great game by Western Districts and Parndana.  Both teams having improved in their footwork and ball skills from last meet so well done to all girls and both teams displaying good team work.

It was a close game in score and an exciting 4th Qtr, with Western Districts nudging in front and defeating Parndana by 2 goals.

WD 19 defeated Parndana 17