Letters to The Islander | July 12

Airport congratulations

Congratulations to Andy Boardman, the staff of the KI Council, local tradesmen, KI photographers, The Men’s Shed (tables and benches) and all involved in the Kingscote Airport Project. What a wonderful achievement to showcase the world.

Beth Davis, Kingscote

Marginal seat

I was very disappointed to see Georgina Downer on TV stating that she was in favour of oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight, but I guess she is just saying what her party wants. Oh, by the way. The politicians are promising us lots of things BECAUSE we are a marginal seat. We are a  marginal seat because it is held by an independent.  

Wendy Wallace, Stokes Bay

Island preservation

Do governments when making decisions for Kangaroo Island such as the recent lease of pristine crown land, bother reading valuable publications (SA EDB) such as Paradise Girt by Sea Sustainable economic and social development for Kangaroo Island (2011). 

It states succinctly: “A plan which neglects and diminishes the island’s inherent environmental advantage is really not a development plan at all (p.15). Crown land at Pennington Bay whether sold or leased will impact significantly on the pristine environment which is the “draw card” for the island.

Rhonda Avard, Gilberton

Good for business

Letters to the Editor in the last few weeks have quoted numbers in support of not selling the parcel of coastal land to the Golf Course proponents as 750 against and five for. 

We question these statistics and believe the majority of these votes are from off-island people who have in fact inflated the negative vote.   

Regarding the five ‘”for” votes I know for a fact that this is incorrect as a letter I signed had 26 other KI business signatories on it! Backing this up are the polls conducted by The Islander, which show (at time of writing) that 70 per cent of people polled support the proposed lease arrangements (now that the land will not be sold). 

I want to look at the positives of this development;

  • Is all the area in question going to be covered in greens? - No!  
  • Will there be a clean-up and re-veg program? - Yes! 
  • Will water be available to those properties the pipeline passes? - Yes!  
  • Will the development bring employment to KI? - Yes!  
  • Will it bring a new visitor type to KI from all over the world? - Yes! 
  • Will it bring more visitors in our quieter months? - Yes
  • Will it allow greater access to this remote area for all?  Yes!

Backing this are the strict conditions that govern the development authorisation which include; a Construction Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan, Integrated Water Management Plan, Cultural Heritage Plan, an Operational Environmental Management Plan and A Native Vegetation Management, Rehabilitation and Revegetation Plan as well as these all essential infrastructure (including power and water) must be completed prior to commencement of other works. 

These conditions and management plans will protect and manage the environmental issues, and in fact the majority of KI Businesses agree, will ensure that the KI golf course will be a real and lasting benefit for KI!

Sharon Kauppila, Business KI chairperson

Please clarify

I am concerned that Minister Speirs was not clear when he said (The Islander, Thursday June 14)  "That's why we will retain a waterfront coastal reserve to allow ongoing public access to the clifftop..", and “A section of the land will be subdivided to create a a coastal reserve that is approximately 50 metres wide...”.

One could be excused for thinking this means we, the public will still be able to wander down a wide (50 metre wide) strip of land between the golf course and the cliff tops and enjoy the vistas. However a quick check of topographical maps and aerial photographs overlaid with property boundaries shows this not to be the case.

Two maps taken from the Department for Environment and Water's Nature Maps website shows the cliff top almost touching the northern boundary of the waterfront coastal reserve, meaning the strip of land at the top of the cliffs for public access would be no more than a few metres wide. The aerial photo with cadastre shows the same thing.

Aerial Photo with Cadastre Overlay.

Aerial Photo with Cadastre Overlay.

Topo map and cadastre overlay.

Topo map and cadastre overlay.

Could the Minister be asked to clarify what he meant by his statements reported  in The Islander. Could what he says be published in The Islander?

Andrew Jessup, Middle River

Foolish assumption

The assertion the writer of “Partisan politics” (The Islander, July 5) is so far from the truth. I have been a Lion for 40 years and I have been a Labor Party voters since being old enough to vote. 

Having been a member of three Lions clubs over many years, I have observed members all having different allegiences – social, sporting, political and religious. Never have I seen any bias in the way Lions business is conducted. 

Perhaps The Islander can publish photographs of Ms Downer with representatives from the cancer support group and also with people at the football games. This would increase the scope of people Mr Gale could assume as supporters of her party. Perhaps he is trying to cause a small “storm”.

John Grimes, Kingscote