The Islander editorial – Selfies with the PM, questions for council

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull seemed to thoroughly enjoy his time on Kangaroo Island and specifically his tour of the new airport terminal building. He took the time to take selfies with everyone that asked and even suggested he take selfies with people when not asked. This journalist is regretting not having a selfie taken with the PM, but oh well, maybe next time.

This apparently was only the second time that a Prime Minister has visited Kangaroo Island with the previous visit being under tragic circumstances when Julia Gillard attended the funeral of Sapper Jamie Larcombe in 2011.

There has been some controversy about the council closing its offices for the airport opening to allow workers attend and there was even an in-house report tabled at the council meeting on Tuesday where it was deemed that the council did nothing wrong.

I personally believe that for this one-off celebration it was appropriate to have all the council staff there and as you can see by the front page and photo pages in today’s edition that everyone who attended had a good time. Perhaps it should have also been made into an open event not just by invite only, as this was something for the whole Island.

Moving on to this month’s council meeting, in addition to the deputation on the Stokes Bay cafe and campground arrangements there were also a couple of questions put to the councillors.

One of them from a resident asking about when the boat launching upgrades at Baudin Beach were going to happen. The CEO was able to inform councillors and the gallery that the design of the new jetty that will run alongside the boat ramp is currently being designed and that the council also needed to do some testing of the flow of sediments. The bottom line is that new jetty where boaters can tie up as they launch their boats is about 12 months away.

The other question asked was from a resident adjacent to the proposed new OTR service station at the old Telstra block. He wanted to know when the new development was going ahead as he was planning on putting in his own driveway. Again the CEO was able to inform him and the gallery that the applicants currently had their development application with the relevant council department and that it was more likely to be a matter of months rather than weeks because they were seeking certain variations. – Stan Gorton