Council approves charity events at Kangaroo Island Airport

Kangaroo Island Council at its July meeting decided to approve a request to have the new airport terminal building play host to the Variety V2 Motorcycle Run.

The event will see about 30 participant motorbike riders, pillion passengers and support crew visiting Kangaroo Island on on October 18-19 as part of four-day event raising funds for Variety – The Children’s Charity.

The organising committee have spoken to local people who have indicated they can source meat and produce for a dinner that will be cooked by the V2 cooks, but what was needed was a “fantastic venue”.

The V2 will also have five classic motorcycles and a vintage car that could be displayed during the day night would be “great PR exercise for the airport”.

Council CEO Andrew Boardman said he supported the idea of making available the kitchen and dining area available to the motorcycle run, as it would be a good first potential use of the airport kitchen and event amenities for a dinner and it was a worthy charity.

The commercial kitchen and dining area at the new terminal building were built with the idea of being rented out for events and functions.

Councillors debated whether it would set a precedent to make the airport cafe facilities available for a charity but in the end decided to approve the request.

Also relating to the airport and charity, the council voted to waive all airport or parking fees for pilot Ed Jones, who is participating in the 2018 Outback Air Race.

Mr Jones will arrive at Kangaroo Island Airport on August 15 to spend a night on his journey from Brisbane to Broome via the Northern Territory.

Councillors agreed to waive the landing worth about $250 because all the proceeds from the air race were going to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.