Kangaroo Island fishing report | July 16

Well done to Dennis Jamieson who went fishing offshore last month getting a very nice morwong and some other nice reef fish.

You may have to venture further offshore as the winter whiting are just not firing around Kingscote like they usually do this time of year.

Normally when the July school holidays roll around, there are good whiting in close between the hospital grounds and yacht club, but locals have been struggling even on the other side of the spit.

There is always an exception to the rule and local racing club identity Greg Miller apparently was able to bag out on the whiting at the Spit a couple of times last week. You have to target hard, cork weed bottom this time of year.

Similarly, KI local Scott Harkness got a nice bag of quality winter whiting out from Emu Bay last week.

The Emu Bay boat ramp upgrade is coming along although it has been delayed by some rough weather and the whole project was delayed by months.

There is still access out to the water but this could change once work begins on the main ramp.

There is some concern about whether the ramp will be steep enough to allow for launching in rougher weather, because it the slope is too shallow then trailers will have to be back in too far.

The council have given assurances it will be 1 in 8, which is the least local boaters want.

In other boating news, KI Council has formalised boat launching arrangements at Strawbridge Point at Sapphiretown across from American River.

Boaters can now launch their boats into deeper water at the point. 

Good numbers of King George whiting inside American River but many were just undersized.

Squid are always a good alternative, proving reliable when out at the whiting grounds. There have been some big schools of salmon on the beaches.

Many of the Island’s river systems are close to breaking out to sea, which makes targeting bream more challenging.

When rivers do break open, it’s a good time to head down to the beaches at the river entrances to try for some bigger fish.