KI Football – Parndana hosts Kingscote | Photos

In the Reserves, Kingscote took apart Parndana away from home, winning by 135 points at Parndana on Saturday.

The Roosters were never in the hunt. Undermanned, they were overpowered from the get go by a rampant Hounds outfit.

Nine goals to nothing in the opening quarter set up what was to be a long day for the home side. Davis ran rampart though the middle; tearing apart the Parndana on ballers and finding nine goals himself in what was easily a best on ground display.

The Hounds were hitting leading targets with ease and even when Parndana dropped two behind the play could still pierce the defence, with Henderson and Eves scoring another nine between them.

By contrast, the Roosters had no response. Wurst was rebounding across half back, reading the ball as well as anyone and Kelly was rucking well, but the bigger bodies in the Kingscote midfield were setting a defensive wall that couldn’t be penetrated across the middle.

The only joy the Roosters found were through the Cooper brothers, Matthew and Craig, who kicked the only two goals in what was a very lonely game for Parndana forwards.

Kingscote continued their run and consolidated their position as flag favourites on top of the ladder.

In the A grade, a paltry one goal first half has prevented Parndana from executing a boilover at home as Kingscote have continued their unbeaten run, winning by 23 points.

It was not a game that lived up to any great heights. Parndana had kept themselves almost within touch in general play, but skill errors proved costly.

Poor disposal and easy turnovers had gifted Kingscote easy scoring opportunities. The two Loverings were playing well, with Kuchel and Jesse Gaskin holding their own for the home side. Unfortunately for the Roosters, only the hounds were able to hit the scoreboard meaningfully in the first half.

Once Kingscote got that mini break of four goals, it was always going to be difficult for the Roosters to come back, especially against the top team.

Though the pressed hard, they were unable to break down the Kingscote defence to get a run on, for which credit must be given to an exceptional midfield and defensive effort from the Hounds. As the final siren sounded, Parndana was red and black.