KI Netball – Matches at Western Districts | Photos

A Grade: Both teams started strong with accurate shooting from all goalies. Wisanger creating lots of turnovers in defence and scoring opportunities. Lauren Downing gaining many intercepts for WD. Both teams starting the second quarter with some turnovers before settling. WD attack line working well together. Georgia Weatherspoon coming on in Centre in the second quarter contributed to WD extending their lead to 6 at the half. Carly Willmott's shooting was on fire in the last half. W applied plenty of pressure but WD extended their lead to 9 at 3 quarter time. Both teams showing lots of aggression. Wisanger put lots of pressure on in the last quarter but it wasn't enought to stop WD. Final Score: WD DEF 43 W 36

B Grade: A cold winters day ar Western Districts. A competitive start with both teams particularly strong in the goal circle defence. Both teams having many turnovers keeping teams working hard. Wisanger leading by 3 goals at quarter time. WD continued to fight hard but it was Wisanger that fought harder creating a strong lead in the second quarter. Both teams shooting well, doubling their scores throught the second quarter. A change to WD goals proved to be succesful with the girls refusing the give up. However, it was Wisanger's day. Final Score: W 45 DEF WD 39

C Grade: In the 1st Quarter play started even for the first 4-5 passes, then WD got some lovely intercepts, the goalies were also shooting well. In the Second Quarter, Western Districts court play was very good with strong leads and intercepts. Wisanger trying hard and they also did some good intercepts but WD defence were too good on the rebounds. The 3rd quarter saw WD change goalies but they still lead and had many intercepts. Hannah  Robins and Talisa McArdle in defence played really well. In the last quarter WD changed goalies again. Millie Speed and Jemma Bald shot some lovely goals. Wisanger tried hard all day but it was WD that were too strong on the day to run out winners. Final Score: WD 45 DEF W 21

D grade: A strong start to the first quarter by both teams. Western Districts goalies shooting and rebounding well. Wisanger putting on good pressure, making WD work hard through attack. Caroline Bliston shooting very accurately. Wisanger were great competitors throughout the game, but WD too strong on the day. Final Score: WD 45 DEF W 27

15 and Under: Wisanger started well. Both teams taking intercepts in the wet condtitions. Goalies for both teams taking a littl bit to settle missing a few goals early. Western Districts coming back into the first quarter getting some goals to get the lead. 1st quarter scores WD 10 to W 4. In the 2nd quarter the rain stopped and both teams came out more settled. Both teams goalies getting their shots in. Half time score WD 21 to W 14. In the 3rd quarter Wisager came out strong getting a few quick turnovers. WD had a couple of changes at half time. WD got going again, 3 quarter time scores WD 38 to W 20. In the last quarter WD girls came out stronger and shot the first 8 goals before Wisanger had scored. A good game by both teams but WD too strong came out the winners. Final Score: WD 51 DEF W 24

13 and under: Western Districts started slow while Parndana came out strong. All girls a little wild in the cold weather. The Parndana shooters barely missed throughout the game, with Abby Murray shooting from any position in the goal circle. Western Distrcits defenders; Molly Watters and Grace Kemp having a tought time in the circle. The WD attack line was just as tough in opposition, easily moving the ball from end to end finishing with a score. Amahli Whale shot well for WD, recieving precise feeding from Evie Hammat as WA. The battle was strong from both teams throughout the match being finally won by WD who came out confident and strong in the final quarter. Final Score: WD 34 DEF P31

11 and Under: The first half saw Western Districts working well at moving the ball down the court. Girls from both sides chasing the many loose balls. Closely contested game with all players defending well, in wet and cold conditions and a slippery ball. Wisanger got away in the third quarter, with solid rebounds and strong leads. A great game, played in good spirits by both teams. Well Done. Final Score: W 22 DEF WD 7

Kingscote match reports

A Grade: Play was very fast all game with high scores by the end of the game. Kingscote started off strong but threw away a few opportunities. Great shooting from Tash and Emma from Dudley and Kelly and Eliza from Kingscote working hard all game. Kingscote threw away the 3rd quarter starting off the last quarter 13 goals down but worked hard in the last to bring the margin back to 6 goals. The game was a pleasure to watch played with good sportsmanship by both teams

C Grade: Close 1st quarter, accurate shooting for Dudley from Asia Gilfillan. Close again in the 2nd quarter only 2 between them. 3rd quarter was even closer only 1 goal coming into the last quarter. Abbie Lasscock and Jez Wood were accurate in goals for Kingscote coming out winners by 3 goals.

D grade: Parndana won the toss after a scrappy start kingscote took the lead. Great defence by Pauline Ward and Alana Hinton but even so don’t always convert to goals. Kaitlyn Fryar’s full body launch to save the ball was easily the highlight of the match, slamming into the fence and laying for a good few seconds before getting up and back into it. Some very good laughs.

15s and Under: Kingscote came out firing stunning Dudley with a fast flowing 1st quarter ending in 11 goals to 1 kingscote’s way. Dudley regrouped and got into rhythm, putting Kingscote under pressure. Dudley continued to pressure Kingscote with some excellent plays, Teagan Spark, Tahnese Childs and Likayla Aimiona were strong for Dudley.Both sides continued with strong play in the last quarter, Dudley storming into contention with a 13 goal comeback with Kingscote just holding on to get up by 2 goals.

Net Set Go: The rain held off for the whole game, with all players trying really hard. Chasing and defending really well over the whole court. Everyone had a great game and played well.