KI Football – Western Districts too strong | Photos

Western Districts versus Wisanger

A Grade: Western Districts stormed to a 131 point victory over a listless Wisanger outfit at the Gosse Cricket Ground.  In a highly anticipated match where the Panthers would’ve been keen to show that their recent run of success was no fluke, the match was over as a contest by quarter time after the home team kicked 6 goals to nothing, thanks partly to having a 3 goal wind at their backs.  Leighton Hedges was on fire up forward, marking everything that came in his direction.  Luckily for Wisanger, his kicking wasn’t as good as his marking, or the margin at the first break would have been greater.

Wonks carried on their merry way for the rest of the game, doing as they pleased a lot of the time. Scott Hutchins was winning the rucks for Wisanger, but the Saints midfield, led by Lockie and Cam Florance, Bede Larcombe and the Rolls Royce Cory Burr consistently won the stoppages and created scoring opportunities for Hedges, Josh Graham and Lloyd Coulson, as well as Burr when he was resting in the forward lines.  When the ball did enter Wisanger’s forward lines, the Western Districts defence, led by Henry Riggs, Rhys Bullard and Tim Larcombe repelled anything that came their way. Shaun Laffin and Hutchins did manage to register goals for Wisanger in the second term, but the only scoring done in the third term was by the men in black, red and white.

Wisanger managed to score a consolation goal in the last quarter through Jack Forster, but were playing a man down after injuries to Anthony Anderson, Luke Stewart and what looked like a serious knee injury to Dudley United recruit Leroy Turner.  On top of this, Hedges had resorted to passing off the ball instead of kicking at goal, greatly improving his team’s chances of getting the ball through the big sticks.

Despite not packing his kicking boots, Hedges still managed to kick 6 goals, while Graham and Burr kicked 5 each, Coulson 2 and singles to Maison Linke, Lawry Larcombe, Cam Florance and Bullard, while Wisanger only managed the 3 goals, one each to Laffin, Hutchins and Forster.   

Picking best players would’ve been difficult for both teams – Wonks for how do you squeeze 17 good players into 5 (Rob Clements got injured early in the game) and for Wisanger, how do you find 5?  The Western Districts coaching staff went for Tim and Bede Larcombe, Lockie and Cam Florance and Burr, while the Wisanger leaders chose Hutchins, Khyal Stead, Harley Cotter, Aaron Hilder and Reece Boulden as their best.

The task doesn’t get easier for Wisanger next week, as they take on the undefeated Kingscote team, while Western Districts have the bye, which hopefully means a weekend of nobody getting injured, which would be a pleasant change.

B Grade: In the battle for second position on the premiership ladder, Wisanger came up trumps against Western Districts.  The Panthers kicked with the aid of the wind in the first quarter, registering 2-2 to a solitary behind.  Unfazed, Western Districts kicked 4 goals to nothing in the second quarter, Jack Hinton going into the ruck and having an influence, giving first look to his midfielders in Scott Hammat, Alex Laver and Rhys Buick and enabled the forwards to look dangerous, led by Mick Whittle against his old team and playing his first game with his son Caleb.  With windy conditions and some rain about, both teams were making errors and giving the opposition opportunities to hit the score board, but both defences were doing an outstanding job.

The Wisanger boys copped a good old fashioned spray at half time, and with the wind at their tails, were looking to regain the lead.  And that they did.  They got on top in the centre, and with quick forward entries, Brenny Florance was able to use his football nous and years of experience to get on the end of a few.

Wonks had ideas of doing the same thing, but as is the case with aging footballers, the body doesn’t always do what the mind tells it to do!  The run of young players such as Jack Forster, Jordan Connell, Tom Snowball and Sam Wooley was too much for the Saints, and while they fought valiantly, it was a bridge too far.  A couple of junk time goals for Wisanger was the icing on the cake and saw the final margin out to 24 points.

Florance led all goal kickers with 5, while Ethan Warner and Forster kicked 2 for Wisanger.  For Wonks, Bandon Tragar kicked 2 and singles to Mick Whittle, Jade Protheroe, Scott Hammat (according to him he kicked 2, so he’s been robbed!) and in probably his best game of football, Brayden Pohlner.

For the winners, their best players were Wooley, Forster, Snowball, Brodee Williams and Sam Florance, while for the vanquished, Laver, Hinton, Hammat, Buick and Andrew Scott lead the way.

Colts: Wisanger recorded a big win over Western Districts, kicking 13 goals to nothing in the first half to have the mercy rule invoked.  Colts football on Kangaroo Island is a numbers game, and at the moment, Western Districts don’t have the numbers.  Credit to the young footballers though, who front up each week and try their best.  Especially those footballers who then play netball afterwards – sometimes two games!

The best players for Wisanger were Tom Snowball, Luke Shurven, Jackson Lockett, Jay Schofield and Dylan Glynn, while for Western Districts, Tyson Whittle, Caleb Whittle, Blaize Whale, Oscar Morgan and Alby Hammat were their best.

Under 12s: Wisanger scored a big win over the young Saints, 10.11 to 5.6, with some top quality football on display from both sides, in a pleasing sign for the future of both clubs.  Lachie Stott and Jed Florance both kicked 2 goals for Wisanger to lead all goal scorers, while the best players for the winners were Aidan Turner, Tyson Glynn, Tom Bott, Jed Florance and Charlie Baker.  Best for Wonks were Toby Nolan, Blaize Whale, Ricky Nimmo and Carey Watters. – Alex Laver

Kingscote versus Dudley United A Grade

On an overcast day where the wind was favouring the southern end at Kingscote, both teams entered the day missing some players from their best 18.

It was a tight contest in the first quarter, with neither side looking like taking control of the game and a close contest looked like the order of the day.  Kingscote finished the first quarter about 2-3 goals in front, with Dudley United looking to keep pace with Kingscote.

Kingscote regrouped at quarter time and the game started to swing their way in the second quarter, aided by the breeze.  Both teams giving what they had, with Dudley United’s player depth being tested against the top team.

The second half was much the same as the second quarter, with Kingscote running away with the game to end out comfortable winners Kingscote 28-17 to Dudley United 6-5.

The home team had targets up forward in J.Page 7 goals, S.Donaghy 5 goals, Rhys Lovering 5 goals getting good delivery from the on ballers with Rory Lovering & J.Ingall playing well.  B.McSherry had a rare run up forward late in the game & capped off his memorial day with kicking a goal.

Dudley United only had the one multiple goal scorer with N.Corbett kicking 4 goals and solid contributions from M.Bain, R.Boers, J.Gurney & J.Hicks for the day.  As with all teams on KI, Dudley United are finding it hard when they are missing the majority of their best dozen players in the one game.

Next week Kingscote are at home again against Wisanger, while Dudley United head to Parndana to take on the Roosters.

The Hound train rolls on – by Mongrel Punt

It looked on paper as a potential mismatch going in, as the ladder-leading and undefeated Kingscote Hounds took on the battling fifth placed Dudley Eagles at Soldiers Memorial Park. But it was the Eagles that brought the early heat as Corbett slotted his second goal early in the first, taking advantage of some loose checking by the Hounds defence to see the game tied two-goals apiece.

Kingscote ruck/forward Jack Page looming large up forward was eyeing a day out, slotting three first-term goals to have the Hounds building a comfortable margin at the first break.

The second term was all Red and Black as Kingscote gained the midfield dominance it needed to break the game wide open, kicking 10 goals for the quarter. Prime movers Ingall, Siemer and Lovering all mounting slick movement through the corridor leaving Eagle feathers in their wake. Bain and Boers battled hard but they must have felt like they were using brooms to hold back a tidal wave.

Rhys (The Scandanavian Kid) Lovering and Stewy Donaghy added to the mounting goal tally, taking turns with Page for six pointers. With the Brothers Franciso and Deccy Corby in and under everything and the evergreen Luke the Bruce getting on top of Gurney in a great duel, Hounds continued piling them on.

The last term was all -one-way traffic with Kingscote unselfishly sharing the scoring duties freely. Howard and Hicks had some eye-catching individual play and Bain continued to work tirelessly but the floodgates were well and truly open. Coach Florance gave the freshly engaged Brad McSherry a five-minute window forward to get on the board with instant results. Poppa slotting his first major as a 30 year old from 45 out, much to the delight of the crowd.

In the end it was all Kingscote as Dudley continues to struggle in a tough season. Hounds winning 28.17 (185) to 6.5 (41).  – Mongrel Punt