Mayo by-election candidates ask for KI’s vote

RESPONDING CANDIDATES: The candidates who responded to The Islander were, from top left, Georgina Downer, Moogy Sumner, Rebekha Sharkie, bottom, Tracey Lee Cane and Stephen Humble.

RESPONDING CANDIDATES: The candidates who responded to The Islander were, from top left, Georgina Downer, Moogy Sumner, Rebekha Sharkie, bottom, Tracey Lee Cane and Stephen Humble.

Kangaroo Island residents this Saturday will be voting in the Mayo by-election that was called when the sitting member vacated her seat due to the dual citizenship issue.

Voting is between 8am and 6pm this Saturday, July 28 at the American River Community Hall, KICE Kingscote campus, KICE Penneshaw campus and Parndana Community Health Centre. 

The Islander asked each of the seven candidates what they would do for Kangaroo Island and here are the five responses we received:

Rebekha Sharkie

Centre Alliance Party

Back in 2016 I put my hand up to represent our community because I wanted to make Mayo marginal. Together we have done just that.

With your support I have worked with the Government to deliver drilling exclusion zones in the Marine Parks near the Island.

As part of budget negotiations I secured an extra $40 million in local road funding for SA, including $388,000 for the Island, and an energy assistance payment for pensioners to help cope with rising energy bills. My team also secured an extra $500,000 for KICE by 2021 through the Gonski reforms.

I invited the Speaker of the House to the Island to promote civic education and to raise funds for KICE so students could attend their first Canberra camp ever.

My advocacy for KICE has also led to a tripling of the Canberra rebate for each student, a total of $180 per child.

My team also advocated for extra $6 million for community radio, including KIxFM.

But there’s still so much more to do. I will continue to put pressure on the Government to include the Island in the tax offset zone that compensates remote communities.

And I will make sure all the funding promised in this campaign will be delivered.

As your independent voice my sole responsibility will be to put our community first.

Major “Moogy” Sumner

Australian Greens

We need to bring the Government back to looking after its people, and our country. That’s why I’m running as with the Greens for Mayo.

The Greens in parliament are doing what my people have been doing for thousands of years. Looking after our rivers, our lakes, the ocean. Conserving our environment, looking after birds, fish and wildlife. If there is drilling in the Great Australian Bight and an oil spill happens, that destroys the marine and bird life. It destroys the coastline. It affects us.

We’ve got to look after what we’ve got, and not let the greedy control how we manage our environment, and how we combat climate change. It means putting more solar panels and batteries on people’s homes. It means we invest in essential services like hospitals, schools, aged care and mental health instead of giving  corporations, the big banks, and the wealthiest Australians billions in tax breaks.

These are my values, and they are what I will take to Canberra. We need something different if we want things to change. Now is the time to speak up to protect the environment and help care for people.

Stephen Humble

Liberal Democrats

I would be happy to make regular visits to Kangaroo Island to see or get first-hand feedback from people about issues of concern to them.

Broadly in any case I will try to lower the tax burden so they can afford more and keep more money in the local economy and less is siphoned off to Canberra.

I hope to reduce red tape and overly complex regulations that make life difficult or more costly for everyone. I will listen and try to enable the goals of local groups and organisations and councils wherever their more effective at doing something than other state or federal agencies.

I support cannabis legalisation and hope that farmers who may want to grow hemp could grow that crop. Hemp natural fibres, food, oil and other products are seen as ecologically sustainable and are a growth market.

And I will oppose changes to firearm laws that increase complexity or risk criminalising farmers or others who enjoy sports shooting or use firearms as part of their work. Generally I am a supporter of individual  freedom and free markets.

Georgina Downer

Liberal Party

Spending some time interstate and overseas, before moving home, has given me a clearer perspective about what is needed to meet the future challenges in Mayo.

What I believe is critically important is having a long-term plan and the ability to work within Government to achieve it.

On the island, this means having a plan for what will be needed in 10 and 20 years’ time to ensure the island continues to be a great place to live as well as visit.

Growing tourism on the Island shows the strength of our natural assets and success of local businesses.  It has also brought demand for better infrastructure and for better, safer roads. 

I recently joined the Prime Minister and the Premier to officially open the $18 million upgrade to the Kangaroo Island airport. The upgrade, jointly funded by the Federal and State governments, is an example of what can be achieved by working together to deliver more for the Island.  I also announced $290,000 for Blackspot road funding on Kangaroo Island and I  joined the Prime Minister to announce $750,000 towards new walking trails including redeveloping the iconic Prospect Hill Kangaroo Island Trails.

I’m proud to be a part of the Turnbull Government team backing local businesses to grow and create jobs and ensure cost of living pressures are reduced for families through income tax relief, more accessible and affordable childcare and opposing Labor’s retirement tax.

I will work with the community to deliver the long-term infrastructure Kangaroo Island needs.

Tracey-Lee Cane

Christian Democratic Party

Living on an Island myself in this Electorate of MAYO (Hindmarsh Island), I appreciate the unique issues that form a part of Island life.  From its unique heritage and ecology, to access and transport, education, infrastructure and tourism, an island has its own fingerprint and culture that must be preserved.

The Christian Democratic Party (CDP) has embedded within its MAYO By-Election Policies, specific attention to the Islands of this electorate.

CDP will work with the Community of Kangaroo Island, to ensure that your needs and the needs of K.I. are adequately addressed.  I will advocate for you in Federal Parliament and with our State Parliamentarians because I truly understand on a personal level, how precious our Islands and our Community are. 

Being a Christian Party, CDP have the unique capacity to not only introduce discussion and Bills in Parliament that grow and further develop Kangaroo Island but we also have the privilege of working across Party lines with all parties, for the favor of Kangaroo Island.  This can only be to your advantage.

I look forward to working with a ‘remarkable’ and ‘admiral’ Community.  To conducting research, forums and needs analysis and taking your requests to Federal Parliament for you.