Letters to the Islander | Aug. 30

LONG TAN DAY: The young Kangaroo Island Football League players observed a minute's silence at the Kingscote Oval on Vietnam Veterans' Day on August 18.
LONG TAN DAY: The young Kangaroo Island Football League players observed a minute's silence at the Kingscote Oval on Vietnam Veterans' Day on August 18.

KIPT and roads

What Mr Sergeant MD of KIPT conveniently forgot to mention in his letter of 23/08 is that KIPT estimates that there will be one truck laden with logs every 2 or 3 minutes for the next 20 or 30 years. These constant  heavy truck movements will industrialise a large and peaceful rural area. The occasional farm truck or tour bus has no comparison to what he actually proposes in the unmentionable detail. Further, the amount of repairs needed to the roads would be constant and I doubt that there will ever be sufficient council staff and equipment to be on permanent road repairs caused by KIPT damage.

He mentions that KIPT is the biggest ratepayer on the island; that may or may not be the case but either way what he seems to be implying is that KIPT should be given special treatment so that it can dictate to the council and to the island, what it wants. In a democracy such as ours, each ratepayer is supposed to have one equal voice. The person in the biggest house on top of "knob hill" paying very high rates on an expensive property has no greater say than the person in a one room unit. It also seems to imply that if KIPT should ever been given what it wants to go ahead, it will become the island bully and no one will be able to stand up to them then.

This project is not wanted on the island. It's truck movements are unacceptable. It's location in Smith Bay raises several serious concerns among many in the community. For years now KIPT have been spending vast sums of shareholder's and bank's money on a project which has gone nowhere, has so far produced virtually no revenue and unless the light of reality ever shines on those who believe in this pipe-dream of an unrealistic project, it is highly unlikely to either. It's time for KIPT to stop with the blight on the island environmental hearts and minds via this persistent public relations campaign and just flipping well go away.

Abigail P, Nepean Bay

Help needed

Tiger Simpson (Private Stamford Simpson) a man of Tasmanian aboriginal ancestry was a proud Kangaroo Islander from the Dudley Peninsula area.  He and several other Islanders from the Dudley, George Neave, Allen Lashmar and Glen Bates were among the first to sign up to fight in World War initially as members of the AIF 10th Battalion.  Tragically George Neave, Allen Lashmar and Glen Bates were all killed in action.  Tiger Simpson returned to Kangaroo Island and after the war built a cairn on the high feature opposite Pelican Lagoon and adjacent to YMCA Corner.  He frequented the site to contemplate the horrors of war and the loss of his friends who had served with him. The cairn was his dedication to his mates.

In 2008 the 10th Battalion AIF Association commissioned a small information plaque that was installed on the roadside adjacent to the cairn. Noting that this year we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI it is timely that that the cairn and the story behind it is given some attention. The cairn has deteriorated over time and would benefit from extra limestone rocks and a general refurbishment so that it might withstand the ravages of the next 100 years. I have permission from the landowner to complete this work and am seeking to establish a small working group to complete the refurbishment. If interested in assisting with this small project please contact me on 0429 000 855.

Pierre Gregor, Island Beach

Screening vital

As one of the lucky ones, who have benefited from skin cancer screening by have a melanoma removed before it spread enough to be fatal, I am urging your readers to take advantage of the free screening on the Island being provided by the Lions Cancer Screening Trailer, in Parndana and Kingscote early in September. Details are given in the Classified Ads in this edition of The Islander.

Bryan Kelly for KI Lions Club