A ‘Cornucopia’ of dance on Kangaroo Island

This year’s Annual Dance Performance by Kangaroo Island Dance School has been named after the horns on the jester’s heads, from John Bancan and Sherilee Binsted’s performance at Fringe earlier this year.

Cornucopia, a horn of plenty, was reflected in the three giant curved horns on their jester’s hats as they showed Fringe audiences the professional standard of our local dance talent earlier this year.

The costumes were spectacular too, and they drew many visitors to have photos taken with them.

“As there is an abundance of dance talent on the island,” John said. “I was reminded of the horn of plenty pouring forth its nourishment, and our dancers are nourishing the performing arts community on the island.”

The volunteer dancers have been raising funds to promote health, education, and dance as an art form in our local community.

So far, the proceeds have gone to KICE to promote dance in the schools, and to the MOBO Speaker Project to help purchase the professional speaker system now used for community engagements.

The new speakers will be powering this year’s performance.

“Regular dance improves both physical and mental health,” John said. “It can even reduce the risk of dementia by 76 per cent.

“Hopefully the new speakers will help get more people in the community up and dancing. We hope to organise an alcohol-free bush dance later this year, to take advantage of the great new sound system.”

The “Jesters” piece will be performed again by popular demand at the Saturday, September 8 at 6pm evening performance and the Sunday, September 9 for the 2pm matinee performance at the Kingscote Town Hall.

Tickets are available at the door. Price is $20 for adults and $10 for children and holders of health care cards. Refreshments will be available during the intermission for a gold coin donation.

For more information, contact the Kangaroo Island Dance School’s dance group on 0497 856 344.