KI Football – first semi-finals contested | Photos

A Grade – 2nd semi

Western Districts have stormed into the KIFL A Grade Grand Final, recording a resounding 45 point win over Kingscote in the 2nd semi final, held at Parndana.

Kingscote hit the scoreboard first, before Western Districts clicked into gear, inspired by some undisciplined acts from Kingscote.  James Francisco has surely played his last game of the season after a late, high hit on Cameron Florance left him concussed in hospital, but the ensuing melee only served to inspire Wonks.  Lleyton Hedges was on fire for Wonks, creating goals out of nothing and having real presence in their forward line.  Declan Corby, Rory Lovering and Zak Seimer were doing their best to inspire their team mates, but Lucas Boyle and Henry Riggs were repelling attack after attack.

The second quarter was where it was truly won by Wonks. Tim Larcombe and Damon Weatherspoon were massive for the Saints, Hedges continued to have the better of his tussle with Jack Grimes and for probably the first time this year, Josh Graham had the better of his contest against Paul Green.  Kingscote had no response to Western Districts’ pressure and nor did the Parndana scoreboard!

Both teams came out firing after the long break, with tough, physical football leaving sore bodies all over the ground.  Western Districts absorbed the pressure better, with the exception probably being Tim Buck’s nose, and continued to stretch their lead, Graham and Hedges up forward proving to be the difference.

The torrid third quarter took its toll on both teams, with the fourth quarter failing to reach any great heights for either team.  With the result a foregone conclusion, both sides were trying to avoid any injuries for their next appointment.

Hedges with 6 goals and Graham with 4 were the dominant forwards on the field, while Stuart Donaghy kicked 3 and in the battle of the veterans, Scott Walden kicked two against Andrew Fogden.

Best players for Western Districts varied depending on who you spoke to, such was the spread of performers.  Graham, Hedges, Larcombe, Boyle, Buck, Riggs, Weatherspoon and Curtis Blythe, in any particular order, were the popular picks with the punters.  For Kingscote, the midfield trio of Corby, Mail Medal favourite Rory Lovering and Seimer were clearly their best players, while Luke Faint provided good rebound from defence and Rhys Lovering provided a strong forward target in a tight battle with Jake Nolan.

Western Districts have put themselves in a good position to defend their premiership, while Kingscote host the surging Parndana Roosters to decide who will challenge The Saints in the big dance. 

B Grade – 1st semi

Western Districts have advanced to the preliminary final after recording a comprehensive 75 point victory over Parndana in the knock out 1st semi final, held at Gosse on Sunday.

Kicking with the aid of a slight breeze, Wonks got on top early, their midfield making the most of Zac Bald winning the ruck contests over big Rob Kelly.  The forward line, led by Lloyd Coulson and Scott Hammat were having a field day, but some wasteful disposal, caused by Parndana defensive pressure, meant that they didn’t have the lead that they could’ve.

Parndana started the second quarter strongly, registering goals to Caleb Pratt and Eddie Barnes, but unfortunately for them, that was as far as it got for the Parndana goal scorers for the rest of the match.  Wonks kicked a couple of settling goals, which seemed to take the wind out of Parndana’s sails, and from there, it was a matter of by how much for The Saints.

Coulson led all scorers with 4 goals, and for a bit of luck it could’ve been more, followed by Hammat and Jade Protheroe with 3 each.  The best players lists for both sides told the story of the game.  Western Districts’ was full of young players with lots of run, Parndana’s full of veterans.  Coulson, Maison Linke, Hammat and the Larcombe siblings Bede and Lawry led the way for the winners, while for Parndana, they were best served by Travis White, Tom Wurst, Mark Bowden, Brenton Putland and Rob Kelly. – Alex Laver