‘Colour of Life’ art exhibition on Kangaroo Island

The “Colour of Life” art exhibition is taking place on Kangaroo Island over the October long weekend.

The show will be at Shep's Studio on Bellmore Road, Bay of Shoals and will feature local artists Shep, the late Neil Sheppard, Jan Pengilly, Gloria Holden, Phillipa Holden and Sara Hourez.

It runs from Friday, September 28 to Monday, October 1 and will be open from 10am to 4pm every day except Sunday, when the hours will be 12.30 to 4pm.

The late Neil Sheppard, known as “Shep” was born in England in 1956 and migrated to Australia as a child; his family settling in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

After teachers college, Neil spent over 20 years working in schools, where he considered a lesson on perspective drawing as worthy as maths or English.

Neil’s journey in art was informal; he was always looking for and absorbing knowledge. In 1997, having always been an avid pen and ink sketcher, he ventured into colour first using acrylics, then later oils. 

Neil developed a wonderful style, full of colour and movement based on the locations and objects he saw in his everyday life. He had a feeling for buildings and landscape which he liked to create quickly with flair so as to capture his thoughts and feelings on the subject at that moment. 

Neil’s painting was spontaneous and impressionistic. By 2009, Neil was painting full time and soon after was teaching painting and drawing in highly successful workshops across the state. 

Neil had more than 14 solo exhibitions in South Australia as well as his own working studio/gallery, Shep's Studio. In 2013 Neil was awarded Fellow of Royal South Australian Society of Arts. After chequered health issues, Neil passed away in 2015.

Jan Pengilly is a born and bred Kangaroo Islander. This peaceful and natural environment provided the perfect stimulus for nurturing her passion for art.

This passion is channelled into creating vivid and animated interpretations of life and its quirky habits often incorporating a unique Australian landscape. In 2016, Jan began classes with Gloria Holden, who generously continues to share her knowledge and expertise.

Gloria Holden was born in England and studied art in London before moving to South Africa.  She established and ran a successful commercial pottery studio, and taught ceramics, jewellery design and painting at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. 

Gloria moved to Kangaroo Island in 2015 and runs a small studio where she teaches aspiring artists. She has a deep love of nature, its vast beauty, and many contrasts.

Phillipa Holden is an ecologist who has had a passion for nature and photography since childhood. She has travelled extensively and her photographs are inspired by the beautiful people and places she has encountered on her way.

Sara Hourez, a Kangaroo Island resident of nearly 20 years, “found'” art via an accidental introduction to Gloria Holden. Sara's geometric and colourful paintings of Kangaroo Island's unique land, sea and “nativescapes” provide her with constant inspiration.