Lions mobile skin cancer screening unit booked out on Kangaroo Island

The Lions Club’s mobile skin cancer screening unit was fully booked for four days on Kangaroo Island.

The unit is financed by Lions Clubs in South Australia and the Northern Territory and it travels from Darwin to all parts of SA and NT to conduct skin screening for lesions that need further medical investigation.

The crew of five Lions members who operate the van all volunteered their time and were fully booked out.

Kingscote saw 149 people screened with 54 persons referred for further medical examinations.

There were 67 lesions suspected of being life threatening, an alarming 36 per cent of people tested, being higher than state average.

Parndana saw 120 people screened, being 56 males and 64 females. There were 90 suspected lesions detected, with 55 suspected as being life threatening and 48 referred to a GP for further examination.

All lesions are suspect until proven otherwise by further medial examination. 

The Lions Club Medical Research Foundation is one of the Lions’ major annual priority funding projects.

The Kangaroo Island community supporting the Lions op shop and used goods mart, means the club can contribute to this worthy cause and others.