KI Football – Kingscote into the Grand Final | Photos

A Grade – Kingscote vs Parndana

The game began in misty rain which made the ball hard to handle for both teams.  Kingscote were peppering the goals but not kicking them.  Parndana at the other end had one shot for a goal.

During the second term, Parndana kicked truly to goal and with an infringement by the Kingscote trainer were able to hit the lead.  However, the rain had eased and with the better conditions the Kingscote boys were able to gain & use the ball better, although their accuracy in front of goal was off.  The half time scores read 4-8 to Parndana 3-0.

The third quarter again saw Kingscote applying lots of forward pressure, handling the dry ball with assurance, but again hitting the minor score too often.  At the last change the score was K 6-12 P 4-1.

The red boys kept on attacking through the last quarter and the dogs found scoring difficult.  Their lead was whittled back by this pressure and the final score of Kingscote 6-14 to Parndana 6-5 reflects the effort out in by the Parndana side.

Reserves – Western Districts vs Wisanger

In a real arm wrestle, the Wisanger & WD players struggled to find a score.  The ball movement improved as the quarter progressed, with Linke giving WD some bite.  Two late goals to Wisanger made the game look close.

During the second quarter, Wisanger dominated play, but wasted shots at goal until the end of the quarter while Wonks could just not score a major.

After half time, the tables turned, and Wisanger could not score a goal, while the West Enders drove the ball forward, leaving the game on the edge for the last quarter.

Here the Wonks boys found a bit of lift in energy and despite desperate Wisanger defence edged ahead to score a grand final berth.

Colts – Parndana vs Dudley United

Parndana began the game with confidence and were able to move the ball forward well, but were frustrated by the determined Dudley boys.  This pattern continued throughout the game, but the better understanding of the Parndana boys saw them secure goals while frustrating Dudley at the other end.

This better teamwork saw the Roosters come out comfortable winners.

On a brighter note, some of the smaller brigade showed enough for us to look forward – Tait Florance and Brock Ordway for DU and Colton & Isaac Trethewey for Parndana. Final Score P 11-9 DU 0-2