KI Economic Growth Advisory Board completes its term

KI BOARD: The Kangaroo Island Economic Growth Local Advisory Board was established in September 2016 by the KI Commissioner.
KI BOARD: The Kangaroo Island Economic Growth Local Advisory Board was established in September 2016 by the KI Commissioner.

The Kangaroo Island Economic Growth Local Advisory Board established in September 2016, by the KI Commissioner under her Act, has had its final meeting.

The advisory board comprised a range of members from the State Government, Kangaroo Island Council, local industry peak bodies on Kangaroo Island and community representatives and had a term of two years.

Members of the Board were:

  • Graeme Martin, Presiding Member
  • Jayne Bates, SA Economic Development Board
  • Lana Blazujevic, Dept for Industry & Skills
  • Andrew Boardman (Ex Officio) Kangaroo Island Council
  • Carly Bussenschutt, Agriculture Kangaroo Island
  • Peter Clements, (Ex Officio) Mayor Kangaroo Island Council
  • Jo Collins, Primary Industries & Regions
  • Damien Cooke, Regional Development Australia
  • Robert Demarco, Trade Tourism & Investment
  • Mark Gill, Tourism SA
  • Pierre Gregor, Tourism Kangaroo Island
  • Mike Greig, Dept of Environment & Water
  • Megan Harvie, Kangaroo Island Food & Wine Assoc
  • Wayne Hutchinson, Dept of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure
  • Sharon Kauppila, Business Kangaroo Island
  • Maxine McSherry, Kangaroo Island Community Education
  • Damian Miley, Dept of Environment & Water
  • Tony Nolan, Kangaroo Island Industry & Brand Alliance
  • Alex Reid, TAFE SA
  • Geoff Rischbieth, Public Nominee
  • Tim Hutchinson, (Observer) TAFE SA
  • Brett Mayne, (Observer) Dept for Industry & Skills

The Board was involved in a number of economic development related issues such as:

  • Preparing and monitoring progress with the opportunities raised in the “Kangaroo Island Economic Outlook Document”;
  • Revising the Outlook document to develop the economic future directions for the Island to be released in mid-November 2018, post the work of the Board;
  • Surveying and analysing issues related to telecommunications black spots and the impact on businesses;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Housing Management Plan adopted under the Act;
  • Monitoring the progress of major and other developments on the Island to the approximate value of $180m;
  • Assisting with the preparation of a Workforce Plan and Skills Audit designed to assess the needs of local and emerging businesses and the capacity of the current workforce to meet needs;
  • Conducting an Expo where new developments were showcased along with local developers, industry bodies, government agencies, utilities and other stakeholders in economic development.  The Expo provided an opportunity for local businesses to engage with major developers and industry leaders and for the community to gain an update on progress with projects;
  • Exploring approaches to the establishment of sustainability indicators for the Island;
  • Influencing capacity building programs provided through my Office to local businesses and supported through State and Federal Government grant programs.

“This Advisory Board has been instrumental in assisting the work of my Office and I thank them for their considerable contributions,” said Wendy Campana, Commissioner for Kangaroo Island.

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