Clean sweep for Kingscote at 2018 Kangaroo Island Football League grand finals | Photos

A Grade – Western Districts vs Kingscote

Anticipation was high for this game, Wonks looking to go back to back for the first time since the “Golden Era” of the 90’s, while Kingscote was looking to break a 16-year premiership drought.  Kingscote won the toss and kicked with the 4-goal wind.  Lovering instantly made good use of the footy, but Wonks defence was fantastic early, Kingscote not able to get a major on board.  Clements and Blythe doing well for the Saints, but Lovering got the first major on board.  Wonks defence doing a great job, not giving the Kingscote forwards any space, the game off to a tight start.

W.D- 0.1 K- 1.6

Wonks went quickly into action, Clements getting the clearance and the ball finishing with Hedges, who kicked truly.  Clements got one of his own, from a turnover and scores were level.  Lovering was showing the form that won him the Mail Medal, giving Kingscote plenty of run, as he has all year.  Like Kingscote in the first term, Wonks had their opportunities but missed some easy shots.  Both sides working hard, Nolan snapped a great goal to give Wonks some breathing space.  The game, as you would expect, tough and hard, a great second half expected.

W.D- 3.3 K- 1.7

Dark clouds loomed meaning Kingscote had to make the most of the wind.  Good forward pressure led to a goal from Page, Coleman soon after snapped another and Kingscote were right on the Saints tail as the rain started.  The pressure was intense, but the Boyle boys managed to find some space and combined with Hedges to kick the finisher.  Another clearance for Kingscote but the Wonks defence again did brilliantly, Boyle ran forward and passed to Graham, who kicked truly.  Kingscote’s response was instant, Florance found some space to keep the Hounds in it.  Kingscote’s forward pressure was again brilliant, but Wonks defence held on.  Finally, though the pressure told, as Faint waited at the back of the pack and kicked the easiest of goals to move Kingscote in front.  The game was set up for a ripper of a final quarter.

W.D- 5.4 K- 5.10

Both sides starting off desperate, Wonks going forward plenty of times, but Kingscote’s defence kept them to just the one point five minutes in.  The ball going end to end before Boyle found some space and passed to Hedges, who put the Saints back in front.  A fantastic finish looming, with every possession under pressure.  Wonks having a few things go their way but could only put minor scores on the board. Kingscote went forward, and Rhys Lovering took a great mark and kicked truly to put the Hounds back in front.  The game reaching a crescendo as players fought desperately hard in the last minute or two, Kingscote just managing to hold on in a classic Grand Final.

B Grade – Kingscote vs Western Districts

Kingscote were the heavy favourites for the A Reserves, having been undefeated all season.  This is how they started too, using the centre corridor and the wind well.  The first five goals telling the story of the game, Henderson a real focal point up forward for the Hounds.  Wonks settled after a nervous start, Hammat kicking a great dribbling goals followed by one from Short to keep them in it.

K-5.2 W.D- 2.1

Kingscote worked to get the ball forward but were foiled by some great defence from Howard and Robson.  Wonks went coast to coast and the kick from Coulson bounced through.  Turner showed his courage in defence, in another attacking play by Wonks and this led to Henderson getting the instant response.  The Larcombe boys tried to get things going for the Saints, but the Kingscote defence was proving hard to crack.  A goal each before half time, with Kingscote in the box seat.

K- 7.4 W. D- 4.3

Kingscote came out determined to make the most of the wind and put themselves in an unlosable position at the final break.  They put real pressure on the Saints ball carriers and forced them into fumbling and turning over the football.  Goals to Henderson, Kempster and Johnson had Wonks on the back foot and Kingscote had one hand on the shield.

K- 11.5 W. D- 4.4

Wonks needed the first couple to have any chance at all.  Hammat on the burst gave them the quick one they needed, then an off the ground by Linke went through the big sticks, and suddenly Wonks had a slight sniff.  Wonks starting to put the pressure on, Linke playing inspiring footy.  Short kicked truly, then Larcombe got another quick one from the “dead pocket” and suddenly it was game on.  Bald was giving his centreline first use of the ball, and Kingscote started to feel a bit of pressure, leading to them gifting Short another goal through undisciplined play.  Wonks showing plenty of run, unlike the first three quarters, but the question was did they have enough time left?  Kingscote got their composure back and took their time with their kicks, taking enough time off to hold on for an 11-point win giving them not only a premiership but an undefeated season.

K- 11.5 W. D- 9.6

Colts - Kingscote vs Parndana

The Kingscote juniors have come away with the 2018 flag after defeating Parndana by 11 points in a thrilling contest.  Kicking with a stiff wind, Kingscote had the chance to get off to a great start, but Parndana came out determined to limit their scoring opportunities.  Mahaki Edwards was clearly limited and carrying his injury, but he enabled Parndana to get the first of the game with a great clearance out of defence.  His direct opponent, Hadland wasn’t to be outdone and kicked Kingscote’s first.  Kingscote started to get on top in the centre, with Bennett and Christophers getting plenty of the ball, Kingscote up by 7 points at the first break.

The second was all Parndana, Gaskin and Viney-Obst dominating the centre.  Conditions worsened and kicking to the clubhouse end proved nearly impossible. The hail and wind made football difficult, but Parndana didn’t help their cause, continually getting caught in the “dead pocket” making shots for goal difficult.  This showed on the scoreboard, Parndana going in at half time 10 points up, after outscoring Kingscote 2.6 to 0.1, one of these goals a long distance shot from Gaskin.

The third was a tough torrid affair, neither side giving an inch.  A 25-metre penalty gifted Gaskin a shot from 20 metres out, but his kick into the wind ended up 40 metres out, showing how tough conditions were!  Both sides working hard, Cain Florance playing great football, but Parndana were working better as a team and got the first of the quarter to extend their lead.  This kicked Kingscote into action, Christophers leading from the front, and helped his team to move just in front at the final break.

As soon as it started the weather cleared, the game set up for a ripper of a final term.  This is how it turned out, Parndana kicking the first of the term to move them in front, giving them the edge.  Kingscote were determined not to let the game slip and played some desperate football.  Both sides were tackling and smothering brilliantly, and you could feel the game going down to the wire.  Kingscote worked it forward and managed to get a lucky goal to move them in front.  Parndana continued attacking, but like the second quarter they kept getting stuck in the “dead pocket”.  The Hounds, playing their hearts out, worked the ball forward and gave themselves some breathing space, with a great snap over the shoulder.  The last five minutes were a dour affair, Kingscote wasting as much time as they could.  Parndana desperate, but in the end, Kingscote held on to a well-deserved win, both sides having their chances but the better ball users of Kingscote were the main difference in the end.  A memorable game to end the season. – Ball Magnet