Letters to The Islander | Oct. 11

1080 MEETING: The 1080 information meeting held at the Kangaroo Island NRM office in September.
1080 MEETING: The 1080 information meeting held at the Kangaroo Island NRM office in September.

1080 Science a Balance

Manfred Meidert (1080 Science The Islander Sept. 20) is right. We all need to be more "humane" and professional towards each other. 1080 is a passionate subject and we need to work together to solve the problem of destructive feral cats. The NRKI and cat board have so far only provided presentations, to the public, by pro 1080 researchers. To balance the debate and remove any suggestion of impartiality I am asking the NRKI to consider the following: Invite Dr Miranda Sherley RSPCA research scientist to give a presentation of the adverse effects of 1080 use. Because there wasn't enough time at Dr Peacocks seminar (Sept. 21), give us the opportunity to present case study videos of the adverse effects of 1080 poisoning on dogs, cattle, sheep, etc in Australia and New Zealand. Consult a qualified toxicologist to ascertain what are the sub-lethal effects of 1080 poisoning and whether 1080 can be absorbed through the skin. This particularly relevant if a cat grooming trap is placed on or near a community and a poisoned stray cat interacts with a child.

Errol Taylor, Pelican Lagoon

Thanks to community

As an out-going elected member, I would like to thank the community for giving me the opportunity to represent them on the KI Council. I found this a very rewarding position which allowed me to contribute to the debate and council directions ensuring good governance and budgetary restraint. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed staff and CEO working for our council, and an honest and dedicated mayor. I would also like to thank my fellow elected members, who provided the respect and depth of intellect that is needed for good decision making, despite robust debate and differences of opinion. Some of the achievements I am particularly proud of include the completion of the Penneshaw Community Waste Water System with its solar powered energy bank, introduction of the green waste recycling to reduce cost and landfill, the building of our beautiful airport which is a huge credit to the CEO and staff, and embedding climate change risk into the strategic plan. I encourage everyone who is eligible to vote to do so and consider candidates for their diversity and ability to function in a professional and courteous manner with the interests of the island at heart. For those who maybe concerned about council operations based on the circulation of a recent booklet of unknown authorship, I encourage you to speak to a range of past and potential elected members about issues that concern you, attend the ‘Meet the Candidates’ meeting on Oct. 16 and use the council website to answer questions.

Pip Masters, Kingscote

Plain gutless

This week I have read a booklet titled “When Monsters and Psychopaths Rule – A chronology of the waste, lies and corruption of the Kangaroo Island Council 2010-2018”. If the person or persons involved in the production of this booklet were not prepared to put their name or names to it, then all I can say is that the person or persons are just plain gutless. If any of the candidates standing for the council election have been involved, do the right thing and withdraw your nomination.

Graham Smith, Wisanger 

Cowardly act

Thank you R. Bell for expressing what so many of us are feeling. The booklet is indeed a cowardly and shameful act. The island deserves better as do the many councillors who have devoted so much time over the years and those who will continue to serve in the years to come.

Robyn and Les Field, Penneshaw 

Anonymous document

Re the anonymous document concerning the Kangaroo Island Council – The old adage - “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” seems to be a reasonable position to adopt. The letter in last week’s Islander from Rosalie Chirgwin is an endorsement of the evidence presented in the document. My personal experience of the character and ethics of Rosalie, Ken Liu, Peter Denholm and Graham Walkom is best described as honest, decent and admirable. John Stevenson’s suggestion to form a ratepayers association is a good one - let’s do it, before the fire gets even more out of control!

Elizabeth Shearman, Penneshaw 

Off Islanders’ say

As “off-islanders” make up 47 per cent of ratepayers and contribute the same rates and levies as islanders, it is important that we vote for candidates who will support and understand our specific needs and give us a voice. I ask the elected new council to: Recognise that the island has a small ratepayer base and ‘live within its means’; Develop initiatives and infrastructure with financial due diligence, that are sympathetic to the character, and natural environment; With the Commissioner, lobby State and Federal governments to achieve subsidies which can address issues of disadvantage, equity and reduce freight costs. Further reduce passenger and vehicle costs for ‘off-island’ people; With the Commissioner, continue representation to State Government to influence legislative changes for owners of Coastal Conservation Zone; Provide opportunities for ‘off-islanders to participate or have access to information normally delivered in island workshops; Be open and transparent, and communicate with residents and ratepayers to avoid rumours, misinformation and hearsay; Focus on core-business services and infrastructure. As Penneshaw is the ‘gateway’ to the island, visitors and commuters should have a ‘sense of arrival’ to the island. Upgrade the toilet behind the post office in Penneshaw.

Rhonda Avard, Gilberton