Lawn bowls kicks off on Kangaroo Island | Photos

First game of the KI Bowls season was the Ladies Pennant on October 4. Here are the results:

Birchmore Grey 48/4  def  Birchmore Orange  29/0

J. Possingham, B. Johnson, Th. Bennett, L. Whyte   - 27 

J. Cowin, D. Kaehne, B. Collins, D. Morris  - 13

A. Arnold, S. DeRohan, P. O’Brien, C. Jarman  -  21

C. Newman, M. Barker, R. Miller, J. Clifford  -  16 

Kingscote Blue  58/3.5  def  Kingscote Gold  38/ .5

H. Barrett, B. Platten, M. Barrett, G. Steinwedel  -  32

M. Peace, J. Lovering, L. Bell, L. Werner  - 12

S. Turner, S. Holmes, E. Florance, M. Glasson  -  26

H. Berden, Y. Turner, M. Turner, J. Bell  - 26

Parndana Red  44/ 4  def  Parndana White  34/0

B. Paxton, L. White, J. Kelly, P. Burry  -  22

Y. Hams, M. Tremaine, C. Childs, E. Murton  - 19

R.Morgan, J. Lodge, M. May, C. Downing  - 22

S. Pledge, V. Lodge, H. Mossop, J. Steinwedel  - 15

Birchmore Grey  +19, 4

Parndana Red  +10,  4

Kingscote Blue  + 32, 3.5

Kingscote Gold  - 32, .5

Birchmore Orange  -19, 0

Parndana White  -10, 0

Patrons Day Open Four

The Kangaroo Island Bowling Season opened on Monday, Oct. 1 with competitions played at both Birchmore and Kingscote Clubs with a random draw for teams and all entries from clubs sorted into skippers, thirds, seconds and leads.

 Winning team with 53 points, Craig Boxer Skipper, Greg Davis, Toni Kempster and Hugh Watters. Close second with 52 points was Phyll Whyte skipper, Maria Lehmann, David Clifford and Bill Roestenberg. Third with 51 points Wayne Collins skipper, Wayne Edwards, Graham Oakley and Gavin Platten.