Fishing report for Kangaroo Island | October 18

Warmer temperatures are just around the corner so fishing should be improving.

Whiting in Nepean Bay are still relatively scarce but should improve as temps increase.

Mixed reports from the spit but on a nice warm sunny day there should be some nice fish moving off the cork weed onto the sand patches. You might need to head further out wide to target the bigger whiting. 

Sand crabs also starting to show in Nepean Bay so it might be worth dropping a net or two while you are out there chasing the whiting and squid.

Squid are still plentiful and can be targeted from the rocks and jetty around Kingscote and there are a few salmon trout as well.

Out to the east of the island in the passage, there have been good catches of snapper and blue morwong, also known as queen snapper.

Remember the bag limit for both snapper and blue morwong is five fish, only two over 60cm for snapper, and the size limit for both is 38cm.

Also the snapper closure comes into effect in a couple weeks with the closed season running statewide from midday November 1 to midday December 15.

Hopefully the reds will be moving in shallower soon. We hear that the Emu Bay boat ramp upgrade is on track, so it will be good to make use of the new ramp this summer. 

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