Kangaroo Island tennis season kicks off | PHOTOS

The 2018/19 Kangaroo Island tennis season kicked off on Saturday, with Kingscote hosting Western Districts in a rematch of last season’s Grand Final. 

Both teams were light on for numbers, barely scratching together the minimum of six, so if there are any budding tennis players out there, please get in contact with your local club – Western Districts, Kingscote, Parndana and Stokes Bay.  Don’t let age or talent (or lack thereof) stand in your way!

The 12 players who did assemble at the Kingscote courts showed that somewhere deep down, they hadn’t forgotten how to hit a tennis ball, with some quality tennis on display, once the rust had been shed. 

For some people, this shedding took longer than others!  Kingscote got off to a good start, the top two doubles pairings of Alec Hall and Kevin Riggs and David Hall and Barry Wheaton easily winning their sets. 

Western Districts had to wait for the youth of the team, Olivia Downing and Carly Willmott, to get them on the board, against the youth of the Kingscote team in Travis Millar and Robbie Ford.

There were some tight singles contests, Alex Laver sneaking over Riggs and Tracy Downing just over D. Hall, and some lop sided affairs – every one else!

Marree Gifford showing that somewhere down there she has some tennis ability, the problem was that she was up against the wily old veteran Barry Wheaton! 

With only the reverse doubles to go, the result could’ve been anyone’s. cometh the moment, cometh the man. 

The big dazzler, Daryl Weatherspoon, showed that not only is he a legend of the Western Districts Football Club, but his talents also extend to the tennis court. 

Still distraught at the prospect of having to actually work on Melbourne Cup Day for the first time in forever, he dug deep with Tracy Downing and defeated the father/son combination of David and Alec Hall. 

This result gave Western Districts the set that they needed, because if it came to games, Kingscote would’ve won.

All teams have this weekend off for the Parndana Show, before Wonks host Stokes Bay and Kingscote host Parndana on Friday night, November 16.  For tennis to continue on Kangaroo Island, we need you to get around it people!


Kingscote 5 sets 55 games lost to Western Districts 7 sets 52 games


A. Hall/K. Riggs d D. Weatherspoon/A. Laver 9-3

D. Hall/B. Wheaton d T.Downing/M. Gifford 9-2

T. Millar/R. Ford l O. Downing/C. Willmott 3-9


Alec Hall d Daryl Weatherspoon 6-1

Kevin Riggs l Alex Laver 5-7

David Hall l Tracy Downing 4-6

Barry Wheaton d Marree Gifford 6-0

Travis Millar l Olivia Downing 0-6

Robbie Ford l Carly Willmott 2-6


A. Hall/D. Hall l D. Weatherspoon/T. Downing 3-6

K. Riggs/T. Millar l A. Laver/O. Downing 2-6

B. Wheaton/R. Ford d M. Gifford/C. Willmott 6-0

Parndana versus Stokes report

Tennis has started again and Parndana travelled to the house of prayer to take on Stokes Bay.

Parndana fielded 6.5 players with familiar faces but it was a big welcome back to Cam Stewart who had a season off due to an unfortunate football injury. 

Stokes was looking strong with the inclusion of their star recruit from Germany, Annika Allien and also welcoming back Marina Gregor who was looking fit after spending some time in the baby making wilderness. 

The big news of the day was that the Tremaine siblings would be playing on opposite sides of the court which induced a flurry of betting. Mark Bowden backed the favorite in Alicia, whilst Marina backed the fit looking Nic.

The doubles got underway and Danielle Bowden and Annika for Stokes played Tarryn Putland and Crystal Stewart.

Danielle was playing exceptionally well at net with Annika keeping things going from the baseline but Tarryn and Crystal held on for the win in a long double. 

The old hands of Mark Bowden and Caleb Pratt teamed up again to take on the fitter counterparts of Evan Maywald and Cameron Stewart. 

Cam was showing no signs of his injury as he raced around the court with good form. Mark and Caleb got an early lead and were felling comfortable but then found themselves down 6-5.

Evan was playing annoyingly well at net and Cam kept rallying. Stokes regrouped and managed to claw back a few games and then it went game for game until Stokes just drew ahead to win 9-7.   

Finally it was the Tremaine’s turn to battle each other. Nic and Marina for Stokes against Alicia and Courtney Trethewey (who should have kept her maiden name of Wood as its much simpler). 

Nic and Marina paired well to control the game with Alicia and Courtney not able to find their rhythm with Stokes winning 9-2.

Into the singles and play was halted for a half hour while we waited for Nic’s pizzas to finish cooking. Play resumed with a few people wishing they had not eaten so much.

Marina and Danielle played Courtney and Tarryn respectively with both score lines finishing 6-1 to Stokes.  Danielle and Tarryn had a long match with the score line not reflecting the play.

Tarryn will be a handful for Danielle next time as she practices on the new home court, if she can get the tired old wool classer in Puts out on the court.  Mark and Caleb won their singles against Evan and Cam 6-3, 6-4 respectively.

Caleb and Cam had a solid hit with Caleb heard to comment to Cam that he didn’t need to chase down ever bloody ball.  The match of the day started with Nic and Alicia squaring up to each other on center court.

Alicia commented that the game didn’t really matter, but the fact that she knew she was 2 sets up on Nic and had last beaten him in 2006 belied the importance of sibling bragging rights.  It was a torrid affair that went the full distance. Alicia was doing all the attacking and coming to net with Nic settling for a more get it back type of approach.

They went game for game with neither getting a break. All spectators watched eagerly as the final games played out. Nic had conserved energy whilst Alicia had left nothing in the tank. Nic finally got the break and won 6-4, and Mark lost another bet to Marina. 

Stokes having won 5 out of 5 singles was looking solid but Crystal for Parndana was determined to change that against the star recruit in Annika. A long game ensued with some great rallies.

Crystal earned the win 7-5 after a lot of running but Annika has time on her side to even the score at a later date.  The mixed doubles were a mixed affair with Caleb and Danielle running out of gas to be beaten by Cam and Tarryn 6-1. 

Mark and Marina gave Evan and Courtney a solid 5-1 lead before they pegged the back to win 7-5 in an enjoyable match. And finally Nic and Annika played Alicia and Crystal with Alicia hoping to win one for the day... 

But it was not to be as Nic and Annika showed no mercy and finished them off 6-3.  Nic certainly left with the bragging rights and Marina left with all Marks beer. 

Stokes winning the day but Parndana will be getting better with a new gun recruit to come in at the top.